Preparing the Best Pregnancy Diet — Most Essential Vitamins and Minerals in Your Diet

The best pregnancy diet should contain rich amounts of essential vitamins and minerals so you can support the nutritional needs of your baby.  Your body works double time when you are pregnant. You should nourish your body properly with foods that are packed with important micronutrients.

If you are already following a well-balanced diet that is low in fat and sugar prior to pregnancy, then there is no need for you to dramatically modify your eating habits.  A little adjustment would be enough to further refine your diet.  This means focusing more on some vitamins and minerals that are essential for pregnant women and adding 300 extra calories in your diet.

The Importance of Vitamins and Minerals during Pregnancy

Vitamins and minerals could be considered as the building blocks of your body.  They help fuel your body so that it can function optimally.  They become more important during pregnancy.  That is because when you are pregnant, there is another life inside your body that needs to be nourished.

The fetus in the womb is very delicate.  To ensure that your baby will grow healthy, then you have to eat the right types of foods that could promote optimum growth.  Remember that your nutrition and the foods you eat everyday have a direct impact on the overall development and wellness of the child inside your womb.

So, what is the best pregnancy diet that would be suitable for you?  As a general rule, your diet should include a variety of foods coming from the basic food groups.  You should also increase your usual servings to properly nourish your body and to support the baby.

Each day, it would be best if you can have four servings of fruits and vegetables.  Whole grains should be included in your diet too.  For your calcium needs, at least three servings of yogurt, milk, and cheese are needed by your body everyday.  Of course, you need to get protein from healthy servings of fish, lean meat, poultry products, and nuts.

Most Essential Vitamins and Minerals during Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you may be required to increase your intake of certain vitamins and minerals.  Although all vitamins and minerals are important, some of them could play a vital role in the overall development of the fetus.  More specifically, your body will need more iron, calcium, and folic acid during pregnancy.  Your pregnancy diet should also contain increased amounts of vitamin C.

Iron could help optimize the production of hemoglobin. You can get iron from oatmeal, wheat germ, dried fruits, spinach, and lean meat.  Calcium on the other hand is essential for the bones.  You can ensure that your baby’s bones will grow strong if you get enough calcium from foods. Some of the best sources of calcium include milk, cheddar cheese, yogurt, dark vegetables, soybeans, and fish.

Lastly, you need more folic acid especially during the first weeks of pregnancy.  Folic acid is needed for promoting good brain development of the fetus.  Green leafy vegetables and oranges are good sources of folic acid.

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