Prescription Drugs: A World of Pain for a Little Relief?

The legal substances used in helping people overcome pain, depression, obesity, etc. are known as prescription drugs.  Prescription drugs can be obtained at any doctor’s office in the country as well as through the internet or any person that has access to illegal selling of prescription drugs or has their own personal supply.

[box type=”note”]These drugs are used in helping people every single day and in many cases when used properly are considered a good thing, but when prescription drugs go from being used for a medical condition to being abused for euphoric states, a problem occurs in the American prescription system.[/box]

The Medical System

The one issue that comes to mind when thinking about prescription drugs are the quantities that are being distributed throughout America.  Roughly 99% of the population has obtained a prescription for a medication at one point in their life, but there are people who can obtain a prescription for drugs that they do not actually need.

People have been known to fake pain, fake ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and even fake depression in order to obtain prescription drugs that they are either wanting to sell or are abusing. This problem is hard to resolve, but the large problem comes from prescribing prescription drugs for minimal reasons.

One often heard meme is that America is a country of pill-poppers.  If we have a headache, we take codeine; if we have a sore throat we take codeine syrup; if we are 10 pounds overweight, we take a prescription diet pill; and so on.

You would almost think that Doctors make a quota for every prescription that they write in a month and the market is no longer about helping people overcome their problems in life, but more about making their share of the profit being made off of prescription drugs.

The sad truth about prescription drugs is that people take pills that they have no need for and end up causing themselves to form an addiction that then leads to the need for treatment for an addiction.  It becomes an endless and expensive cycle of relapse and recovery for millions of people across the country, and in a pill-popping nation, there is an abundance of drugs and an abundance of addiction cases.

The Health Problems

Whether or not people are looking to make it rich on a new age prescription drug or whether they are looking to make a monthly quota for a bonus, there is no reason why prescription drugs should be taken in the numbers that Americans are taking them.  When someone continuously uses prescription drugs on a day-to-day basis, they will soon come into contact with problems in their physical and mental health that can include, but is certainly not limited to:

Weight gain or loss:

This is due to the effects of the actual prescription drugs that are being taken.  Many can cause a person to no longer have an appetite whereas some many actually cause a person to crave everything in sight.

Mental cloudiness:

A person will appear to be confused or unaware of important things that are going on around them on a daily basis.  Some prescription drugs even cause either or both short-term and long-term memory loss that over time will cause a person to no longer be capable of remembering easy tasks or having trouble excelling in their career or


With any of the prescription drugs given there is a high possibility that a person will form either a long-term or short-term addiction to the drugs.  This problem is due to repetitive usage of the prescription drugs given and the addictive nature of 90% of the prescription drugs on the market today.

Organ damage:

Whether it is liver or kidney damage, heart problems or blood pressure problems the internal aspects of a person are affected by using prescription drugs no matter the usage amounts.  This is due to the body’s constant need to purify the blood and with prescription drugs constantly being put into the system, the organs will go into overload causing future problems with their health.

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Prescription drugs can be taken to help a person short-term, but with repetitive usage or addiction, professional help is needed.  To learn more about addiction recovery, visit  Some medical conditions require long-term use of certain medications.  Always talk to your doctor about stopping medication.

Myra Lemmons

Myra Lemmons is a freelance writer who is currently creating content for drug rehabilitation websites. She strives to educate readers about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and hopes to encourage addicts to seek help from professional treatment centers.

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