The Primary Health Considerations when Switching to E-Cigarettes

Everybody is aware of the dangers of smoking, and nobody more so than smokers themselves.

While this may seem strange, smokers are always looking for ways in which they can overcome their addiction and make changes for the good of their health. In recent times, for example, there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of people using e-cigarettes and a decrease in cigarette smokers.

More and more smokers are now using these e-cigarettes and “vaping”, whether they are using it as a method of quitting or simply switching. This is an excellent idea, as despite some debate it appears as though it is much better for you and those around you from a pure health perspective.

Taking a Closer Look at E-Cigarettes: The Health Considerations

Essentially, the key advantage is the fact that e-cigarettes are a healthier option. Burning tobacco and inhaling the nicotine creates toxins which are the leading cause of death and disease when it comes to smoking. Exposure to tobacco smoke currently accounts for 19% of all cancer cases, for example, while this also contributed to an estimated 163,444 deaths as recently as 2014.

Instead of relying on tobacco, vaping sees users inhale nicotine through a vaporised liquid (sometimes flavoured). This creates mist instead of burning smoke, which the majority of research confirms is healthier and less physically damaging in the long-term. By creating this mist, and the design of some of the e-cigarettes, these products also provide the look and feel of smoking a cigarette (making quitting or transitioning far easier of time.

Public Health England (PBH) published an expert review in 2015 which claimed that e-cigarettes are a staggering 95% less harmful than regular cigarettes. This also reduces the damage of second-hand smoke drastically, with some public places allowing people to vape indoors. Whilst the best option is to quit altogether, this is easier said than done and many struggle to fully kick the habit, so the emergence of an alternative may provide the ideal solution from a short and a long-term perspective.

Switching to E-Cigarettes: The Social Implications

This brings us on to the fact that many people use vaping as a stepping stone to quitting altogether. The technology offers a great way to achieve this, as you can control the amount of nicotine that you inhale and gradually decrease the amount. Consequently, e-cigarettes appear to help people to stop more than nicotine patches and gum. For those not wanting to quit but are concerned about their health, making the switch will make an enormous difference, reducing deaths and illnesses through a transitional and appealing methodology.

Making the change is easy, with dedicated suppliers like Vype providing the necessary paraphernalia and a wide range of e-cigarette types. Although the initial cost is higher, you can save a huge amount of money in the long run and this is a small price to pay when you consider the potential health benefits (and the ultimate prospect of being able to quit the habit entirely).

In addition to the health and financial benefits, vaping eliminates the smell of smoke; this is a common complaint and can stain your clothes, hair, fingers and breathe.

With so many benefits and positive considerations, it is clear why more and more people are kicking cigarettes and switching to e-cigarettes; and this is something that could offer a long-term solution to the health implications of tobacco use.

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