How to Produce the Perfect EET Forecast?


The reason I wasn’t given this forecast immediately after the first one was because EET doesn’t force forecasts on its participants. The changes made have to be gradual. Jon figured that I was happy with working out in the afternoon and eating two treat meals a day and I was. Like I mentioned, I liked the first schedule very much because it closely resembled the one I was already following. Using that as a base forecast, EET carefully eased me into one that would be considered more ideal, which is basically how it’s done.

EET looks at the current schedule you follow and eases you into a new one you that will promote simultaneous fat loss and muscle mass increase while allowing treats every day. That final factor is really the hook here and it’s what EET is really all about. No, not the junk food, really, but a plan you can be completely comfortable with and maintain literally the rest of your life.

Am I there yet? I personally don’t think so since I’m still really early into the plan, but I gotta say, after realizing that the first 4 weeks on the plan were really less than ideal, it makes my 10 pound weight loss all the more satisfying.


I have to reiterate that EET’s ideal forecasts are built from the ground up and carefully individualized for each person. This means that every person following EET has his or her own unique forecast, and that these forecasts are completely different from mine. They eat different things at different times of the day, and have a different selection of exercises, especially the diabetics and people over 50 who also follow the plan. Nevertheless, many of these people have also had very similar successes to mine, which clearly means that there is no single, magic forecast on EET. Again, EET has guidelines, but no rules.


As mentioned, though, there were other rocky starts to my path on EET aside from just the forecasting. Terrible headaches in the morning, overeating, and overtraining were things I had to also contend with, all of which I’ll discuss in detail in future articles. Stay tuned!

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