Perfect Promotional Products for the Health Industry

For individuals in the health industry, it is important to promote your services in the most effective way possible. Its also always important to promote good health practices. Combine the two goals by choosing the perfect promotional products for the health industry.

1. Stress Relievers- Imprint your logo on cushy stress relievers that literally come in all shapes and sizes. Because of the shape variety, it is safe to say that almost any health specialty can find its own shape. Pick from a brain, heart, bandage, arm in a cast, intestine, foot, blood drop, and more…

2. Pill Boxes- Remind patients to take their meds or vitamins with a custom pill box. Like stress relievers, pill boxes are available in many shapes, different numbers of compartments, with or without a dispenser, or with labeled days of the weeks.

3. Neck Pillows- Give out a nice neck pillow to “support” patients, clients, colleagues, or whomever. Its a thoughtful gift that can be toted with pride anywhere like a train, plane, or doctor waiting room.

4. Eye Masks- Facilitate a good night’s sleep with a comfortable eye mask. Its one of those things no one would by for themselves but would appreciate receiving.

5. Antibacterial Sprays- No one can be too careful with protected themselves from germs in today’s post Swine flu environment. Antibacterial sprays and gels are carried by everyone and whipped out whenever there is a doubt. Show people your intentions are to protect them.

6. Pedometers- Encourage fitness with an nice looking imprinted pedometer. People will be inspired to sport their new pedometer and maybe start a new fitness routine.

7. Bandage dispensers- Bandage dispensers are a handy way of carrying around bandages “just in case”. Patients can throw them in their bags and be glad to remember them when that one case occurs.

8. Medical Journals- A great resource for the people the health industry caters to. Patients can keep track of past their history with sections dedicated to hospital and physician listings, current prescriptions, insurance information, surgical history, and a place to jot down future questions for physicians. This is an item both patients and doctors can appreciate.

9. Awareness Ribbon Clips- Giving out these awareness ribbon shaped refrigerator clips shows that you are passionate about a cause and will inspire others to give back.

10. Drink Mix Packets- Encourage people to drink their 8 glasses of water a day, even those who use the excuse that they “hate water”. The packets can be emptied into a bottle of water to make it into iced tea, lemonade, punch, etc.

Samantha is an intern MSI Promotions, a promotional products distributor in NJ.


Samantha writes for, distributor of MSI Promotions, LLC in West Caldwell, NJ. MSI specializes in innovative marketing and promotional solutions for all industries.

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  • August 19, 2010 at 7:55 am

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