3 Things To Do Today That Will Protect Your Health Tomorrow

We seem to be living in an instant generation.  We want our food now (fast food restaurants), we want to get things before we pay for them (no interest electronics) and we want to lose weight instantly (crash dieting and The Biggest Loser).

People are looking for instant gratification, but this kind of ‘I want it know’ mentality is not forward thinking and it can be doing you more hard in the long run than good.  Whatever happened to our parents or grandparents generations thinking where you didn’t buy anything until you could afford it?  Or food was cooked from scratch and eaten together as a family around a dinner table?

With the pace of our lives picking up incredible speed, I think that everyone just gets caught up in the whirlwind and focuses more on ‘keeping up with the Jones’ than on what is best for them and their family in the long run.

Simpler times - The Waltons

Now we could look at a whole range of different areas but let’s take a quick look at 3 things you can change today that will benefit your health tomorrow.

  1. Get Outside Everyday

    With the increase in the amount of technology in our lives it can be easy to get up and check our emails, flick on the television while we eat breakfast, head to work and sit at a computer all day and then flop onto the couch when we get home and watch our favourite shows. Technology is great, but it shouldn’t run our lives – and it definitely shouldn’t keep us trapped indoors.

    One of the best things that you can do for your body is to go for a 30 minute walk outside each day. The fresh air and the sun have a log of great properties that will not only feel like you have more energy but are great for you too!

  2. Only Eat What You Make

    Now I am not talking about pulling a meal out of a box. There is so much junk in processed foods and it is not just the added preservatives and chemicals – processed foods are loaded with sugar and salt that can leave you feeling lethargic and can have a long-term effect on your health.

    By only eating what you cook, you are not only getting the benefits of eating a much healthier meal, but the time and effort that goes into cooking the meal can help you relax and move around after a hard day of sitting at a desk.

  3. Eat Dinner With Your Family

    This is a long-lost tradition with most families these days, but there are some great health benefits from it that you may not have realised.

    Eating together not only will raise your endorphins (due to real human interaction), but it will connect your family and make you eat slower. By eating slower you are chewing your food more making it easier for your body to process.

    So turn off the television, and start getting to know your family!

These three simple things may take a while to get into your routine but will definitely have a positive affect on your health in the long-term.

Jenny Canter is an Australian writer with a fascination with health and well-being. She is currently looking into yeast infection symptoms and how they can be cleared with the introduction of an anti-candida diet. Find out more at http://www.candidadiet.net.au.

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