Four Protein Rich Meals the Whole Family Will Love

If you want to have a lean body and be equipped with more energy than ever before, then it’s time to fuel up on dairy, whole grains, meat, eggs and seafood. Are you feeling depleted by the end of the work day?

Don’t know quite how you’re going to consume as much protein as your body needs? Here are a few of the delicious, protein-rich meals that we enjoy with our families:

Meal #1 – Hamburger Night

Most families wouldn’t say no to a hamburger night, and we’re betting that yours won’t either. Cheeseburgers or mushroom swiss burgers? Let your family decide or have each person design their own to their specific taste. Make sure to make some adjustment to suit your low-fat, high protein specifications, like only purchasing lean ground meat and load it up with plenty of vegetables. You can get creative with the breading too, like serving it on whole wheat buns, pitas or alongside one piece of your favorite gourmet bread.

Meal #2 – Chicken Chili

As a great alternative to the traditional winter stew or soup, chicken chili is loaded with protein and keeps your body warm, satisfied and craving more. Pile on the beans, such as black and pinto and slice up cooked skinless, boneless chicken breast – and plenty of it for a favorable variation to the traditional steak or ground meat chili. Don’t forget your vegetables either! Chili and onions can be the perfect flavor combo, but feel free to toss in as many other vegetables as you can imagine as well.

Meal #3 – Tofu Stir-Fry

Who says only carnivores can have a protein rich diet? Tofu is delicious, despite how strange it sounds. The trick is, marinating or serving firm tofu in this stir-fry to easily take the place of chicken, shrimp or steak with lots of flavor. This way, your kids will never miss out on the meat itself! Pick out your family’s favorite veggies: broccoli, snap peas, green beans, onions, and then load it up with some flavor such as sesame oil, soy sauce, or a new Thai based marinade you’ve been dying to try. Throw in cubed firm tofu, cook with olive oil and enjoy!

Meal #4 – Fish Tacos

Fish tacos aren’t just delicious; they’re protein-packed and loaded with all sorts of nutrients, such as: calcium, selenium, iodine, potassium, phosphorus, as well as your B-12’s and Vitamin A and D. Getting the whole family involved in preparing fish tacos (Friday fish taco night, for example!) can be something everyone will look forward to. Buy some fresh tortillas at the grocery store, and grill up tilapia or mahi mahi for a low-calorie, high protein meal. Make sure to sprinkle lemon pepper on it while it cooks, and top with your favorite grilled veggies.

Whatever kind of meal you make for your family, know that protein should be a staple. Your kids will love these fun, family friendly meal ideas and as a double effect, you’ll all reap the benefits – more energy, low calories and a full and satisfied stomach!


Jason Sheirs writes for Iron Science, a manufacturer of quality nutritional supplements ranging from whey protein isolate to creatine monohydrate.

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  • December 20, 2011 at 4:53 am

    I loved Chicken Chili and Fish Taco. Lots of green veg will make the meal complete.


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