How Raw Foods Make Body Odor and Bad Breath Vanish

Something people rarely talk about is body odor and bad breath, yet it is a common problem today. It stems from a modern diet of mostly processed, refined and cooked foods. We are eating the wrong foods, at the wrong times, and often in the wrong places. The typical American diet includes too much processed and cooked foods, loaded with synthetic chemicals. We eat late at night, and we eat while on the go, and we just eat to eat. All this, along with poor dental hygiene, is largely responsible for the offensive odors often found originating from the human body.

Odor may mean that an unhealthy situation is brewing somewhere in the body. The good news is that we can quickly and easily reverse the situation. Flossing and frequent brushing is the obvious first step, but diet is an equally critical thing we must do to end odor. On the “To Do” list for clean fresh breath and pure body scent is to eliminate dairy and meat right away. These are acid forming foods, that cause a condition known as acidosis. This is a condition where the blood is more acidic than it should be. The condition not only causes body odors, but it also the precursor to disease.

Dairy and meat products go beyond causing odor to create other problems as well. The digestive tract can become over burdened with excessive mucus buildup.  After years of ingesting large quantities of dairy and meat, the excessive mucus compounds and eventually accumulates, attaching to the intestinal walls as something known as mucoid plaque. Over time mucoid plaque gets hard and becomes impacted into the intestinal walls. This creates a breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria and even parasites.

Odor may be offensive, but disease is the real concern here. Odor usually shows that the body is not functioning at optimum levels of wellness, and is one way of sending warning signals that something is not right. By eliminating foods that are at the root of the problem, and by adopting a more healthy diet we can easily overcome the odor problem. More important, disease can be prevented, and sometimes even reversed, simply by switching to foods that are better for us.

So what are better foods? Simply stated, they are local fresh and organic fruits and vegetables along with sprouted seeds and nuts. Taking it to the next level means enjoying these foods of nature in their natural raw, uncooked state. Foods that are eaten raw retain all their enzymes, vitamins and minerals. This reduces the burden on the digestive system, making foods more easily digested and assimilated. When we are truly clean inside, this will be reflected outside in the way of fresh clean breath and a fresh clean body.

The final step in being fully clean is to eliminate the use of harsh products such as mouth wash and underarm deodorant. These products often add to odor problems by clogging pores and killing good bacteria. This may sound like a big departure from the social norm, especially when we have all been raised to be good consumers, but it is the correct way to live a healthy odor free life.

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Mike is the director of Prana Living Foods. He is dedicated to teaching and sharing information about a live-food diet. Mike became a vegetarian more than ten years ago and has a strong background in the science of healthy eating. Our intention here at Prana Living Foods is to inspire people from all walks of life to experience the healing and balance that only raw and living foods can offers.

2 thoughts on “How Raw Foods Make Body Odor and Bad Breath Vanish

  • March 12, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    I don’t eat raw(except for fruits and certain veggies), but ever since I became vegan and stopped stuffing myself with unhealthy foods, I noticed a BIG improvement in body odor. I can even go a few days without showering if I wanted to. Even unpleasant odors from down there stopped, and barely no odor from poop:)

  • November 1, 2010 at 6:14 pm

    Diet plays a huge role in body odor. Most of us have noticed that people from other cultures often smell different to us. Because in the Western world we all eat similar foods we don’t notice our OWN distinctive smell. We smell as strange to other cultures as they do to us.

    I feel it is important not to see smelling different as smelling. It is just different because they eat different foods.

    Certainly as a person’s diet gets purer then there will be less body odor.


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