Raw Food vs. Depression

People are turning to raw food more and more as they attempt to un-do the damage done to their bodies whether it be from poor eating habits or high levels of toxicity. Gabriel Cousens has shown people conquer depression, reverse diabetes, and many other things while on a 30-day raw food detox program.

Many people that suffer from depression feel like it is the challenges in life that created their state, yet no one can deny that there are millions facing much worse circumstances at any given time but not falling into a depression. We know this beyond any doubt but we don’t question why. What makes them different? Why are these people able to handle difficulty with a smile?

A body that has the right ammunition usually wins the war.

Raw food can absolutely help a person suffering from depression and countless other problems – raw foodists say it can solve any problem and they’ve shown that it can again and again.

A few things you want to know:

1) Eating a bit more raw while you are still eating highly toxic food is “1 step forward and 4 steps back”; you won’t necessarily solve your problem because your body is still busy fighting off any multitude of 26,000+ chemicals it is exposed to. Scientists say there are 2000-3200 manmade chemicals the average person processes in the developed world.

If you want to truly see a transformation, you have to do it cold turkey and give your body that opportunity to rid itself of all these toxins and start to renew itself. Many are unavoidable, like the air we breathe, but if you can bring the number from 2000 to 20, then your body has a fighting chance.

2) Most people have heard of serotonin as the feel-good chemical, but the impression is that it resides in the brain. The reality is 80% of the serotonin in your body is in your intestines. This means that if you are consuming toxic food and drinking soda and this is the stuff that is in your intestines all the time… let’s remember that when you soak a rusty penny in soda overnight it is shiny and rust-free the next day, what do you think its effects are on delicate organ tissue?

Would you say this is an ideal place for healthy enzymes? Healthy bacteria? Popping the occasional vitamin or supplement can never be compared to eating rust-proof food every day.

Going raw is definitely not easy, it’s a huge commitment, takes proper planning, there are a lot of social aspects involved depending on your environment, and all of this is completely understood.

However, if you are suffering from depression, here’s my practical suggestion: go raw for 30 days (no cheating at all) in order to cleanse and hit the restart button for yourself. You will be amazed at how different you feel.

After those 30 days be more mindful of what level of toxicity you ingest and simply try to make better food choices cooked or not. Even if returning to a cooked diet, you’ll be starting with a cleaner system – it is an easy experiment and you have nothing to lose, a lot to gain.

Just bear in mind that sometimes when we detox we feel worse before we feel better; you will be disrupting the flow, healthy or not, that your body is used to. It is like the smoker who quits and starts spitting out phlegm that he wasn’t spitting out while he was smoking, it’s a cleansing process and not always pretty.

Your body is a beautiful brilliant thing and it does millions of things every single day to keep you going– what are you doing for it?

Jaqui Karr

Gluten and Nutrition Expert, Bestselling Author, Jaqui Karr is the authority on gluten - Visit Jaqui's website now for information about how gluten is destroying your health JaquiKarr.com

2 thoughts on “Raw Food vs. Depression

  • October 31, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    Great post Evelyn, I had no idea. Another good reason for me to try raw!! Thanks!

  • October 31, 2010 at 10:28 am


    Great information! I also find that eating raw foods keeps me calm. I don’t get upset easily.

    Take care!



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