Staying Fit and Healthy While on a Holiday

Generally when a lot of us go away on holiday, it is usually a week or two of total indulgence and not a lot of activity. People will tend to eat more than normal and also drink a lot more as well, making you feel like you need a holiday to get over your time away that you have had. This can be even more the case for people going on a cheap all inclusive holiday.

With free flowing drinks and plenty of good food on offer, it can be hard to say no and refrain from over indulging. You can still enjoy the benefits of an all inclusive holiday but at the same time keep yourself active at the same time. There is usually plenty on offer to keep the tourists entertained.

Business Travel for Optimum Health


A lot of all inclusive resorts will actively encourage their guests to either stay within the confines of the resort, or to go on planned excursions through them, which usually costs you an additional fee. If you are going away to a resort like this, then do not be afraid to get out and explore your destination and see what is on offer, the food and drink will still be there when you get back!

Whether you go with the resort you are staying with, or book an external party to take you on the excursion, you will be to investigate the local community and see how the local people live their lives by getting out and exploring. There are all sorts usually on offer for the average tourist no matter where you go;

  •     Museums
  •     Nature Reserves
  •     Historical Buildings and Sites
  •     Boat Trips
  •     Shopping

A lot of these places that you can visit, you can go of your own cognition instead of going on an organized tour. This will leave you free to explore each destination at your own pace and move on as and when you want to. This may cost a little more than an organized excursion, but it does give you a lot of freedom and the ability to control your own timetable.

Staying Active

As well as getting out and exploring your destination, you may also want to stay active as well. This can make you feel less guilty about over indulging yourself! There is plenty on offer no matter where you go and a lot of things will not cost you anything extra.

Just the same as with the excursions, a lot of all inclusive resorts will offer these activities if they are available. Most resorts will have a gym that you can use as well as a swimming pool. You may be close to the coast so you can also go swimming in the sea as well. If there is a beach close by then this is a good place to go for a walk or a jog and also get to take in some of the wonderful scenery as well. You may even find local volleyball or football games on the beach which you can join in with.

There is usually a whole host of other things on offer as well if you are near the coast. You may visit a country on your holiday which offers terrific Scuba diving. Whether you are experienced or not you will be able to find a dive company which can cater for all levels of experience. There may be trips to local islands as well which you can get to by boat.

If there are planned excursions going to local islands, then you will usually be able to find yourself a local person with a boat that you can hire. This will allow you to be able to explore these at your own pace and take in the beauty of what is on offer, without feeling like a sheep!

Enjoy, but not too much!

Cheap all inclusive holidays are great and can be a good way to have a terrific holiday without spending too much of your hard earned cash, especially if you have a family. Just make sure though that you do not spend all of your time in the resort, just so that you are never that far from the bar or restaurant. Get put and explore your destination as well and try and stay active and keep healthy whilst you are away. This does not mean you cannot enjoy the food and drink, but just do so in moderation and try not to overdo things too much. Above all just make sure that you and your family have a trip of a lifetime and make sure that you enjoy yourselves.

This article was written by Ted Hunter on behalf of Travel Republic. Ted is an avid traveller and enjoys taking his family away to explore new destination, as well as comment on it and share his adventures in the blogs and articles that he writes.

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