How to reduce your stress this Christmas

The hassle of the Christmas holidays can sometimes be overwhelming. Buying gifts, going to parties, mailing out Christmas cards and preparing for Christmas dinner can all add up to non-stop running around.

There are ways that you can reduce your stress during the Christmas season, get all of your holiday-related obligations covered and even have a little time for yourself. People sometimes forget that a to-do list is just as valuable during the holidays as it is the rest of the year.

Buying Gifts

There are three sources of stress when it comes to Christmas gifts; figuring out who to buy for, determining how much you can spend and dealing with the crowds at the stores. With a little preliminary planning you can take down the stress levels on all of these holiday chores and make buying gifts an easier process.

Sit down and put together a list of the people who you absolutely need to get Christmas gifts for and those that would be satisfied with a card. A Christmas card is seen as a cordial gesture to casual acquaintances and co-workers. If you do not have a reason to buy someone a gift, then get them a nice card instead.

If you have a large family that exchanges gifts at Christmas each year, then limit each person to one gift. Set a spending limit based on a sliding scale. For example, you can spend up to $20 per adult and $10 per child. If you are buying for couples, then consider getting one gift for each couple as opposed to a separate gift for each person.

Once you have your gift list figured out and spending limits in place, it is time to head to the Internet. When you stay with major online retailers and reputable websites, then online shopping is as safe and secure as going to the store. The big difference is that there are not crowds to deal with online, and that reduces your stress.


When family comes in for out-of-town during the Christmas season it can seem like you have been overrun. The first rule of a stress-free Christmas when it comes to out-of-town family members is, if you don’t have the space to give everyone their own room to stay in, then they stay in a hotel.

It can seem rude, but it is in everyone’s best interest. Having relatives sleeping on the couch or on the floor during the Christmas season can be inconvenient for everyone. Help your relatives find a close hotel and offer to drive them back and forth between the hotel and your house during the holidays.

The Kids

Your children will be a handful during the Christmas season. There will be the constant questions about gifts, the perpetual need to go see Santa Claus and little helpers in the kitchen when it is time to make Christmas cookies.

To reduce your stress when it comes to your kids and Christmas, you need to set the ground rules before the season begins. Your kids may be excited about Christmas, but if they know there are ground rules to Christmas then they will respond to that and work to be good during the holidays.

Rather than leaving open-ended questions, set schedules that your kids can write on the calendar. Once Santa is at the mall, pick the day that your kids want to go see him and write it on the calendar. Schedule the day for making cookies and set a deadline for submitting gift lists. When things are organized, even with your kids, then it significantly reduces the stress.

Nicole Rodgers has been blogging in the home design, fashion, and tech industries for three years. This year to make sure her Christmas was stress free Nicole made sure to buy presents early and find daily deals to save money. This was she wouldn’t have to worry about the Christmas rush to buy presents. To save money for next year, Nicole made sure to go to her favorite shops for day after Christmas sales for even more deals and money-saving.


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