Redundant Alcohol Consumption Has Negative Impact on the Brain

Alcohol contains ethanol – it is usually used as psychoactive drugs and has the ability to lessen a person’s functional activities. According to the Mental Health Foundation research, they found out among one thousand alcohol drinkers that 80% of the participants have common notion that drinking alcohol will make them feel better, happier, confident, relaxed and comforted. This is or 8 out of 10 people who is not a joke because they are unaware that this mentality will have a major negative impact on the brain.


Researchers cited that too much intake of alcohol can lead to alcoholism or addiction to alcohol. In fact, taking low to moderate dose of alcohol can already initiate sedation, aggression, intoxication or euphoria and loss of balance while heavy drinkers will possibly suffer from total damage of the central and peripheral nervous system. Sad to say – that these conditions can affect alcohol drinkers.  It’s just a matter of time. Now, understand how alcohol dominates the brain based on the amount of alcohol consumption. Here’s what truly happens within the brain when exposed to alcohol:

 Low to Moderate Doses

  1. Initially the low to moderate alcohol dosage can activate inhibitory GABA receptors. This means that the brain will function slower than normal. Any message sent into the brain will be transmitted less than the usual speed. The effect of GABA receptors’ activation will immediately give the person relief of anxieties, increase of appetite, sedation, ataxia and declining of inhibitions. However, this will also lessen a person’s motor skills – that is an added risk while driving. So, never drink while driving to avoid car accidents, no matter how small the alcohol intake is.
  2. Since most people believe that alcohol can effectively ease anxiety and depression, alcohol abuse is more likely. Many use alcohol as a self-medicated substance for them to cope up with complications. Yes, it can temporarily give a “special kind” of numbness effect because it causes slight changes in the brain chemistry. Nevertheless, longer practice can make the body dependent on it. Once alcohol reliance is established, more problems will be magnified. Based on the study of Bridget O’Connell at the National Association for Mental Health, alcohol dependency is associated with mental disorder management.  This will require the same process of psychological rehabilitation cycle as that of people with mental disabilities.

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Long Term Abusive Alcohol Drinkers

  1. Heavy drinkers can accumulate serious brain damages that are life-threatening. Their brains can have extreme changes in the chemistry of the brain. This changes are sometimes uncontrollable that can tragically lead to suicide. In the United Kingdom, most cases of suicide according to the records are linked to tremendous alcohol intake. The Mental Health Foundation in the UK reported that a hefty 70% of the recorded suicidal males successfully committed suicides are alcoholics.  Impulsivity is the most common effect of alcoholism according to Dr. Ken Checinski, a senior consultant and lecturer in addictive behaviour at St. George’s Hospital Medical school in University of London. He also cited that there’s a substance in alcohol that mainly triggers a person’s brain todrivethem to harm themselves. The government already campaigned not to drink more than thirty units of alcohol daily.
  2. Abusive heavy drinkers lead to serious organ damages. Extreme amount of alcohol content can damage the body’s sensitive organs such as lungs, liver and also of course, the brain. The body will deteriorate due to the weakening of the cells that connect the neurons.The central and peripheral nervous system will be harmed and the brain mass will gradually decline as well

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