Get Relief for those Itchy Swollen Eyelids

Having itchy swollen eyelids can make you feel miserable. This can occur when a person has a reaction to medication, an issue with allergies, or another genetic cause. Regardless of the cause, you can alleviate the pain with the following steps. If these do not work, then you should contact a local OKC optometrist.

A Great Remedy: Benadryl

An anti-histamine allergy remedy often will quickly reduce allergic irritation and swelling that causes itchy swollen eyelids. A medication such as Benadryl can be purchased from local drug stores or supermarkets, and this comes in a variety of different strengths. The fact that there are a variety of strengths in existence is beneficial when it comes to relieving a child’s itchy swollen eyelids.

Nature’s Relief: Cucumber Slices

Rather than being just a legend originating from the spas, cucumber slices benefit people who suffer from itchy swollen eyelids. They are used in spa settings for a particular reason. The cucumber has a property in it that helps to reduce the swelling that you are experiencing. It may not be a traditional method of dealing with this issue, but it is simple yet effective, as well as relaxing for the person using this method.

The Effectiveness of Eye Drops

Eye drops are administered to the eye itself. Therefore, they work to soothe itchy swollen eyelids internally. This is the most effective way to deal with irritation that occurs on the inside of the eye, without the ability to treat it externally. The way that eye drops work, is that they deliver a rush of artificial tears to the person’s eye or eyes. At the same time, they help to wash away debris that may be the cause of the problem.

Contacts May Be the Issue

A reputable optometrist Oklahoma City recommends that the person remove his or her contacts if the irritation persists beyond one day. It is best to switch to eyeglasses Oklahoma City until the problem is resolved, because contacts often can trap debris and dirt under the lends, and dry out the eyes, as well.

It is crucial itchy swollen eyes are remedied as soon as possible. Chronic issues with itchy swollen eyelids may be a sign that there is a more serious medical issue going on. However, if it is a condition that comes on all of a sudden and lasts no more than a couple of days, then it is probably nothing to worry about. You should contact a qualified optometrist to evaluate the problem further, if it persists.

Having itchy swollen eyelids can be a big discomfort, and even be an obstacle to completing even the most simple daily activities. No one likes having to suffer from itchy, irritated eyes, and this is a condition that can make you feel like it will never go away. Give the above tips a try, and if you experience no relief from your discomfort and pain, contact your optometrist Oklahoma City or other eye care professional.

Greg Newby

Greg writes for OKC Optometrist, an eye care provider in Oklahoma City who provides eye exams, lens prescriptions and designer frames.

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