Relieve Arthritis Pain with Hot Tub Water Exercises


Exercising in warm water is an ideal way to get in the right shape without putting pressure on your joints. People suffering from arthritis often undertake water aerobics. However, even if you are not suffering from arthritis warm water exercise is still an optimal choice. Water offers resistance and simple water workouts help to burn your calories.

If you are suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, you must have inflammation in the joints of your feet and hands. This results in stiffness, joint pain and swelling and potentially leads to your bone deterioration. It’s true that there is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis but exercising in water is a beneficial treatment to get rid of the pain. Water provides buoyancy and makes movements gentler on your joints. Furthermore water offers a level resistance helping rheumatoid arthritis patients to strengthen their muscles.

In order to perform rheumatoid water exercises at your home, you will need a hot tub or a pool. As per the American Arthritis Foundation, if a doctor recommends you for performing a water workout due to rheumatoid arthritis, purchasing a hot tub or a pool may come with a full or partial tax deduction. However it depends on where you are living at present. You can speak with a lawyer or an accountant to check the deductions applicable in your case.

The types of exercises are determined to a great extent by the shape and size of your available aquatic space. Usually pools are chosen as they offer more space by letting you carry out more energetic workouts. Whether you are exercising in a hot tub or a pool, keep in mind that you will need someone for assisting you in entering and exiting from the water.

Let’s take into considerations the tips for relieving arthritis with hot tub water exercises:

Check the water temperature

Check out the water temperature before starting your exercise. Remember that warm water temperature between 82 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit is the best for arthritis sufferers performing water workouts. Warm water relieves arthritis pain and makes your workout comfortable. If you reduce the temperature below 82 degrees or increase it over 88 degrees, it will make your workout uncomfortable.

Start an exercise after a warm up period

Start your workout after a warm up period. Warm up is essential for the arthritis patients to loosen up their stiff joints before beginning the exercise. Gentle motion exercise is a good warm up exercise before starting aerobic water exercise. Just sit on the side of your pool or tub and try to move your ankles in a circular motion. Next you should try to reverse the motion. Carry out gentle stretching workout after you get into the water. If you like you can also walk across your pool. Bend your knees and try to make them straight. Do the same with your arms and warm up for about 5 minutes.

Begin the aerobic part of exercise slowly

If you are performing the exercise for the first time, begin the aerobic part of the workout slowly. Aerobics will help to increase your heart rate and breathe in for a long time. This helps to keep you as well as your heart healthy. Make use of the large muscles of your arms and legs in a rhythmic motion for performing aerobics in the right manner. Since water has more resistance compared to air, exercise undertaken in water is more effective and strenuous. Water can displace about 90% of your body weight. As a result you won’t have to bear any stress on your joints, muscles or bones.

Workout in the shallow pool end

Work out in the shallow end of your pool if you do not know how to swim. Good exercises for the shallow part of your swimming pool comprise of jogging, leg swings and walking backwards or sideways. However if you know how to swim go to the deep end of the pool and exercise. Make use of a flotation device if needed. Perform your exercise as if you are riding a bike, skiing, jogging or doing jumping jacks.

These tips will help you to lessen your arthritis pain. However if you don’t have the access to your hot tub or pool, make use of the facilities provided by community centers like the YMCA. You will be able to use the hot tubs or pools in these places during open or free swimming sessions. Nevertheless it will be more beneficial if you join a water workout class designed for arthritis sufferers. A proficient instructor runs such an exercise class and can help you to work out safely and effectively. Undertake training for the right kind of exercise and chuck out your arthritis pain.

Emily Smith

Emily Smith is a chemical analyst and a part-time freelance writer. Currently she is experimenting on hot tub chemicals and spa chemicals for her thesis work. She also loves writing on a wide variety of topics related to hot tubs and spa supplies. She is a contributing writer at Polar Spas Store.

2 thoughts on “Relieve Arthritis Pain with Hot Tub Water Exercises

  • August 12, 2013 at 1:47 am

    Really great advice!! I think these exercises may prove somewhat helpful in reducing the arthritis pain. I would definitely try these exercises at home.

  • August 11, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    If you’re planning on using your hot tub for aquatic exercise, you might want to look into a wooden hot tub. Not only are they delivered in a knocked down nature (meaning they can be installed in places that require tight turns or narrow hallways to reach the final destination), but they are also much deeper than their acrylic counterparts. You can also install benching in custom arrangements, leaving standing room for exercise, and even putting the benches into a staggered pattern to help facilitate ingress and egress.


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