Rising Dental Biomaterial Demand and What it Means for the Citizens of Europe

While technological and scientific advancement has had a pronounced impact on the various fields of medicine, the dental industry has experienced a particularly significant evolution. From the range of techniques available to the increasing use of advanced dental biomaterials throughout the global market, it is an industry that continues to expand at a rapid and unprecedented rate.

According to a recent report by the Millennium Research Group (MRG), the European market for dental biomaterials will see particularly strong growth between now and 2021. This is linked directly to changing patient demographics and demands, as the regions aging population begin to understand the nature of modern dentistry and the link between oral and general health.

Dental Implants
Dental Implants

The MRG Report and its Insights

With this in mind, what are the key points of the MRG’s most recent report and how insightful is it in terms of evaluating patient behavior in Europe? Consider the following: –

An Increasing Patient Awareness and Changing Demand: Biomaterials are used in a number of advanced procedures, including the fabrication and implementation of dental implants. Their rising level of demand suggests that European patients are finally beginning to embrace the benefits of more complex dental techniques, as the population continues to age and develops a greater understanding of how advanced oral care can assist in boosting general health. In many ways, the soaring demand for biomaterials reveals the need for more than just basic dental care in an increasingly health conscious environment.

Patient Behavior is Determined by Cost: While the demand for dental biomaterials may well rise in Europe during the next 8 years, the precise level of growth will fluctuate between countries. This is primarily due to the way in which dental care in administered, as advanced procedures are funded through a number of variable methods depending on individual governing bodies. When you consider this and the impact of the eurozone crisis, it stands to reasons that people should defer expensive dentals treatments in nations such as Spain and Italy where they will be liable for all costs. In contrast, demand for dental work and biomaterials is set to peak in Sweden, where implant and similar procedures are partially reimbursed. Through these facts, it can be assumed that cost and financing remains one of the key drivers of patient behavior in Europe.

A More Receptive Attitude to Dentistry: Trips to the dentist have never been particularly popular in European culture, either among children or fully grown adults. Whether scarred by a childhood experience or simply reluctant to invest in a regular program of oral care, a surprising number of citizens have avoided visiting their local practitioner in years gone by. An improved level of care and procedural advances have begun to change this state of affairs, however, as the perception of the dental industry continues to soften. As a result of this, potential patients are more likely to consider non essential and complex procedures as a way of maintaining their oral health.

The Last Word

While statistics and trends can be used to suit variable subjective arguments, the recent MRG report offers clear insights into the demand for dental biomaterials and how this will impact on the patients of Europe. This may prove invaluable for practitioners who wish to understand the prevailing trends within the industry, as they seek to create a service that meet patient demand.

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