Risk Factors of Cell Phone Use During Pregnancy

When women are pregnant, there are some risk factors that they need to be aware of to make sure their baby is healthy. One aspect that is a risk factor in terms of health is the use of cell phones. Below are several risk factors that pregnant women should be aware of when they are using their phone.

Brain Damage With Cell Phone Use

One of the main risk factors for the baby, if the mom is constantly on the cell phone, is brain damage (source). Children’s brains are still developing, which means they are affected by a lot of factors. As a child grows, the neuron development is crucial because it allows them to focus on tasks. Having a deficiency in neurons increases the chances that attention deficit disorder will come to fruition later in the child’s life. It has been found in a Scientific Report that cell phones diminish the amount of neurons in a child’s brain, so it is vital that moms decrease their cell phone use at all cost. By not being proactive about this situation, the child may face alterations in the activity of their brain.

Emotional Problems Come to the Surface

Children exposed to cell phones during pregnancy also have been found to have emotional problems as they age. Children exposed to radiation during pregnancy have been found to have deficiencies in parts of the brain that regulate emotion. As children grow older, they need to properly control their emotions because conflicts will occur when they are at school or at home. Children need to be able to develop conflict resolution skills to defuse these types of situations.

Also, when children are with their friends and peers, they should be able to play safely without losing their tempers. This decreases the chances that they will develop bad behavioral habits as they get older. By removing the use of cell phones during pregnancy, parents increase the chances that their child will grow up healthy and be able to successfully regulate their emotions.

Problems Interacting With Peers

Cell phone exposure during pregnancy has also been linked to poor interaction with a child’s peers. Since cell phones have been found to effect the child’s brain development during pregnancy, scientists have also found a correlation with the interaction of peers. Some children exposed to cellphones during pregnancy haven’t been able to get along with other children.

Some aspects of the brain are pivotal in social skills, so parents should be aware of this to prevent long-term damage from happening to their child.  For a child, socializing is an important skill to develop because they give a child a chance to have a better future. The smarter parents are with the use of their cellphones, the less damage they will do to their child.

Cellphone effects are often times minimal, but simply limiting cell phone use can avoid any of these problems all together. LG cell phones are fun, but knowing the side effects gives parents the ability to make an informed decision when it comes to the safety of their child.


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