Roadside Runner? Tips for Staying Safe When Training Outdoors

After you’ve been running outdoors a while, it’s all too easy to become lax with safety. But whether you’ve been running for twenty days or twenty years, it’s crucial to always keep these safety tips in mind. 

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Rules of the RoadKnow the roads on which you run, and try as much as possible to avoid steep hills, blind turns, deep potholes, and unleashed dogs. Stick to well-lit areas at night. In addition, moderately busy streets are ideal. Excessive traffic presents unnecessary hazards, and isolated roads can carry greater risks of crime.

Children are often taught to run against traffic. But a more sensible option is to run on whichever side of the road is more conducive to safety. That is, run where there’s a sidewalk, or a wider shoulder, or a better field of vision, or where it’s easier for motorists to see you. And, of course, obey all road signs and traffic lights, and stay within crosswalks.

Run – and Communicate – With Others

It’s preferable to run with other people. If one person has a medical problem along the way, another can contact help. And if you do run with a partner or group, run single file. Further, before leaving home, let your significant other, roommate, or a family member know that you’ll be out running, and provide the latest time that you expect to be home. If you live alone, or if no one else is around, call a friend or relative and tell him or her that you’ll call again by a certain time. That way, someone can alert the authorities if you don’t return.

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What To Bring, What Not to BringDuring runs, bring your phone, at least a few dollars in cash and some spare change, as well as a piece of identification. Wear sunscreen, and carry bottled water: it’s crucial to stay hydrated. Wear snug-fitting sunglasses that don’t impede your vision, comfortable shoes, and socks that breathe. Also, carry a whistle or mace.

Do not wear jewelry. Likewise, headphones are a bad idea. But if you feel you must listen to music, keep the volume down low so you can hear your surroundings as well.

Your Rights When Someone Injures You 

If you are ever injured by a motorist or bicyclist, contact a reputable personal injury attorney as soon as possible, request a formal analysis of the collision, and ask the attorney to accept you as a client. In many states, like New Hampshire for example, the state can suspend a driver’s license for causing personal injury. In such a scenario, it would be wise to get New Hampshire personal injury attorneys involved. If one attorney declines to take your case, keep contacting lawyers until you find one who will. And make sure your family members know to contact an attorney if you’re incapacitated. Moreover, avoid seeing the other party in the crash, and never sign anything or make statements about the accident without your lawyer’s consultation.

Happy Running

When done carefully, running is glorious. It clears your mind, challenges your body, improves your health, lifts your spirits, and lets you commune with nature. So most of all, never let fear of injury stand between you and the open road. May you run safely and happily for a long time to come.

Savannah Bobo is a freelance writer, blog contributor, motorist, and exercise enthusiast who writes this article to advocate runners’ safety and awareness of your legal rights. No matter if you’re in or out of your car, your rights should be protected against personal injury. New Hampshire personal injury attorneys Tenn And Tenn PA practice in a variety of personal injury cases. They can advise you on your rights in situations where a driver or another pedestrian has caused you harm.

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