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A few years back, I spent almost a $1,000 purchasing a two year gym membership that I used pretty solidly, out of pure obligation, for about five months. I’m sure many of you can relate. I realized going to the gym doesn’t always fit into my schedule, and I found many other ways to get exercise into my day.

I enjoy sports, jogging, weights, body weight resistance, and yoga and all of these can be done without a gym. It just takes the drive, some creativity, as well as a few extra resources. A resource that many people have become very excited about is their TV. I’m not talking about the old “Buns of Steel” videos; I’m talking about smart TVs that come with multiple exercise applications at your fingertips.

TV – No Longer Just for Couch Potatoes         

There are a number of advantages to exercising with a TV. First, it’s a huge time saver. Ironically, most people with a gym membership actually drive several miles just to go work out; a huge waste of time and energy if you ask me. Second, with a smart TV you don’t have to be bothered by pushy gym employees who try to sell everything from personal training sessions to high tech water bottles. And last, having the option to work out at home comes down to this: the ability to develop my own workout at my own pace.

The only question that remains is the type of workouts available. Are they good? Do they give variety? Will they give me the type of workout I’m looking for? I set out and did some research and found that a number of applications and TVs that can make a work out more interesting, challenging, and fun. Be sure to do some shopping around – you can find some terrific TV deals that will fit your budget. Here are some examples:

  • The Samsung Smart TV has Fitness VOD—an application that provides access to multiple exercise videos where new additions are add added to regularly so that you can mix it up. The latest versions of this TV actually come with a built in camera that allows you to see yourself on the TV next to the video so that you can check your form.
  • The Total Yoga TV app is one that has people raving. Taught in high-definition by a world renowned yogi, this app will give either the greatest relaxation or the greatest workout session around. You can use on any one of a number of levels—from novice to expert—and it gives tips for breathing, meditation, and centering.
  • The Fitness app gives excellent variety so that you don’t get stuck in the same old routine. There are several other apps available on this TV including the ABSerciser, and Check Body. Basically any work out you can want is at the tip of your fingertips and you won’t have to send it a check every month.
  • The LG Smart TV provides many similar options one of which is the Fitness Trainer app – basically your own personal trainer in your living room. These programs and applications provide variety and are actually pretty challenging when you want that extra kick. The cool thing about this TV is that it has the magic remote with point and click operation, similar to a Kinect or Wii. But it also has a very accurate voice recognition operation that allows for ease in changing workouts, applications, and shows.

On top of the applications that are available right on your TV there are also many different work out apps accessible on your smart phones. These also might be worth looking into since nowadays you can stream from other devices directly to your TV.

There are many different options to working out, so kick that old gym membership and try out your living room for a change – you might be surprised in what kind of a workout you will find there.

What kind of smart TV workout apps do you use?

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  • June 27, 2013 at 8:47 am

    Hey, Paul. Great read. Some other applications you may or may not be aware of are LiveExercise for Roku and Samsung Smart TV, Yogaglo for Roku, and FitnessGlo for Roku.

    For me, not a gym replacement…but great gym supplement (no training pun).


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