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In this era where everything is running at a fast pace, people are faced with innumerable crises. These crises are mostly the outcome of the complications that are associated with the modern urban life. While people continue to live amidst such a situation, at times the situation might take a toll on their lives, bringing about dangerous consequences.

Unhappy family life, strained relationships, unsuccessful career, unemployment, addiction to drugs and alcohol and drugs are some of the common factors that can make an individual suffer from tremendous depression and frustration. Unfortunately, statistical records show that a significant part of United States’ population suffers from anxiety phobia and depression. This certainly has a tremendous negative effect on the society since individuals with disturbed minds can never contribute to the smooth functioning of the society. This is the time that calls for the need of a therapist. While some are reluctant to disclose their problems to the therapist, others are willing to discuss their problems with the therapist and find a solution as per the situation.

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Given that most of the people are ignorant of how to find a good therapist, locating a good therapist is not at all an easy task for them. The choice of a therapist is likely to vary from one person to the other. However, there are few basic factors that one needs to keep in mind when trying to find a therapist. The first thing that comes to the mind is the personal preference factor which varies from patient to another. It completely rests upon the personal requirements of the individual who is about to seek the help of a therapist. Whether the patients will be comfortable going to a male or female therapist should be carefully decided by them. There are many female patients who are reluctant to male therapists and vice versa. The second point that people should focus on is the location. People should consider going to a therapist whose location is convenient for them as long distances will act as a barrier during the time of an emergency. What matters next is the approach of the therapy that the therapist will be using. There are various types of approaches depending upon the different requirements of each patient.

Depending upon the kind of crisis an individual is facing he will find a therapist for himself. There are various types of therapists for different kinds of therapy. The various issues dealt by therapists include marriage or couples counseling, divorce counseling, anger management, depression treatment, parents counseling and family counseling. Psychotherapy is the chief tool employed by therapists to address the various issues faced by patients. CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is an essential part of psychotherapy is immensely helpful in bringing about a positive change in the behavior of those suffering from anxiety and depression. Going to a therapist is a wise decision as it often happens that people fail to solve the problems by themselves and are stuck in a situation where family members and friends are not being able to help them out. It is in such a situation that a third party i.e the therapist offers help.


The efficiency of therapy has been admitted by several recovered patients. Those who still have reservations about going to a therapist must know that people do not go to a doctor or therapist only for physical health problems. Neither does it mean that an individual with a troubled mind is not capable of managing his own problems. Therapy is extremely helpful in maintaining the mental balance in a person and therefore should be taken without any hesitation when faced with an emotional crisis.

Rodney Knight

The author Rodney Knight is a renowned writer of articles, features and blogs who mainly concentrates on various health and mental issues like drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders and troubled relationships and their subsequent treatment.

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  • January 14, 2013 at 2:11 pm

    I have been a trauma and crisis counselor for victims of sexual and domestic violence, many of whom had substance abuse addictions.My clients suffered for years, and even just after 4-6 sessions of just psycho-educational counseling, they were able to improve their quality of life substantially. Most of those who went on to therapy continued to improve. Mental health is stigmatized in society when it is a positive and powerful tool to help people lead healthier and happier lives. Thank you for creating awareness around this topic.


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