Seven Alternatives To Your Expensive Gym Membership

For many people, going to the gym on a regular basis is an important part of staying fit and healthy.

The trouble is, gym memberships (here) are actually quite expensive and not everybody is comfortable in the environment that a health and fitness complex can provide. Instead, there are a number of alternatives to attending your local gym that could help you keep in shape – without shelling out an excessive amount of cash each month. Listed below are seven of the alternatives.

Wii Fit vs. Ski Fit

1)      Take up a sport

While taking up a sport won’t necessarily help you focus on the individual goals you’re looking to achieve from a typical gym workout, it will certainly promote a regular routine of exercise. The cost is unlikely to be anywhere near the outlay of paying for an annual gym membership and you may even meet some new people to boot – a win, win.

2)      Buy your own equipment

Providing that you have enough room in your house to store it all, you could build your own personal gym space with the equipment that you desire. This will allow you to cater your workout to your own individual requirements – although it may cost you a fair bit to purchase all of the kit. Nevertheless, if you wanted to make a saving, you can always pick up the equipment on a second-hand basis. (more here)

3)      Games console

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, even your video games console can help you keep healthy (who’d have thought it?) and accomplish your fitness goals. All of the major gaming machines have their own sensor-activated equipment that allows you to interact with activities on-screen. These games can even set you individual targets and track your progress as you go. (more about Wii Fit here)

4)      Personal trainer

A personal trainer – depending on their experience and monetary demands – can actually cost you more than a month-by-month gym membership. Yet, on the flip side, personal trainers can provide the goal-orientated workouts, motivation and focus to help you achieve and exceed your goals in a much smaller timeframe than grafting for endless hours on your own at the gym. (5 Reasons to Choose a Personal Trainer)

5)      Fitness DVD

Usually released just in time for Christmas, there are a wealth of fitness DVDs available that claim to help you keep fit – or even lose weight. Often, these celebrity-fronted films focus on core body exercises – which, of course, can be beneficial. However, the repetition of watching the same DVD over and over again will surely only serve to be mind-numbing and not particularly practical.

6)      Exercise classes

While many exercise classes are incorporated within a gym membership, there are also external classes that take place in community and leisure centres that can act as a viable (and cheaper) alternative. These classes usually integrate a certain theme and instructors are usually heavily involved in motivating the participants.

7)      Take to the outdoors

Who needs a treadmill when you can use the glorious (location dependant) surroundings of the outdoors?  This can be a great cost-effective training measure for your exercise routine – especially if you plan to focus specifically on cardio. In fact, if cardio is your priority then this is outright a much better bet than a gym membership – providing that you don’t mind braving the weather conditions.

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