Seven Positive Facts About Negative Ions

In spite of the name, negative ions are anything but negative. In fact, many, many studies have found that negative ions are a wealth of positive benefits. However, there are many interesting tidbits about negative ions that can further clear up the general attitude about the ions. Some of the facts about negative ions can help us all to understand why it is so important to add negative ions to our environment. When you become familiar with this information, then you’ll be better prepared to make decisions about adding an air purification system to your home or business.


Fact #1

Negative ions exist naturally in the air and in our bodies. They get their name because they have more negative atoms than positive atoms. They occur naturally near waterfalls and during rain storms. They occur when water evaporates as opposed to the creation of positive ions which happens when radioactive minerals or radon gas decay. Maybe the release of negative ions is one of the attractions that draw so many of us to the ocean.

Fact #2

Negative ions are necessary to eradicate the harmful effects of positive ions. These harmful effects include:

  • Depression and tiredness
  • Increased allergies and asthma
  • Unexplained aches and pains
  • Sleeplessness
  • Migraines, nausea, heart palpitations, and other medical concerns

Breathing in too many negative ions can bring on many of these symptoms, and still others. There tend to be high concentrations of negative ions in areas with poor ventilation, such as office buildings, and industrial areas. These harmful effects can be reduced or even eliminated with a high enough concentration of clean and healing negative ions.

Fact #3

Negative ions are necessary for us to get oxygen into our bodies. Studies from Russia and NASA found that without negative ions, we would die of asphyxiation. Breathing in the right amount of negative ions improves the circulation of oxygen to the brain and lungs. This can be especially helpful for people suffering from asthma when used in combination with prescribed medications.

Fact #4

Studies show that negative ions can reduce the effects of depression. Those studies have tracked the positive moods that increase after thunderstorms. They have found that people who use negative ion generators have experienced relief from seasonal affective disorder and chronic depression. The increased levels of oxygen in your blood can help you to feel refreshed and more energetic. The ions also help you to make better use of the oxygen that you breather in. For anyone who doesn’t suffer from depression, this means that you can still get a lift in your mood or quickly recover after exertion.

Fact #5

Our brains need a certain amount of negative ions to function properly. With those ions facilitating the movement of oxygen in the brain, brain function, clarity, focus, and the quality of your sleep will be affected. Our mental focus, thought processes, and overall alertness improve with increased amounts of negative ions.

Fact #6

Some studies have shown improvement in the body’s metabolism because of negative ions. They stimulate an exchange of electronic substances in the cells of the body. A high metabolism is important for your health, and not just if you are trying to lose weight. Our metabolism affects the health of our muscles and the ability of our bodies to create energy. Our metabolism will naturally slow down as we age, so the chance to speed up that metabolism with negative ions is a valuable tool for improving your health.

Fact #7

Negative ions can improve the health of your blood. The negative ions will increase the amount of calcium and healthy salts in the bloodstream as well as restoring a healthy pH balance.

There are plenty of other health benefits which negative ions can provide. For your personal health, for the well-being of our natural environment, and for our loved ones, each of us should spend some time learning how to reduce the amount of positive ions around us and learn how to increase the amount of negative ions affecting our health.

Scientists and doctors around the world have begun to realize the health benefits of negative ions and are learning how they can use negative ions to improve life. With clear information about negative ions, the positive benefits of negative ions can be available to each of us in our own homes and businesses.

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