Are You Too Sick to Drive? 5 Illnesses That Can Cause a Car Crash

No one would think that a mere virus could cause a car crash, unless you existed in a futuristic world where viruses had legs, arms, and minds strong enough to orchestrate such an event. It is, however, true: illnesses represent a notable percentage of all causes for automobile accidents.

Here are the top five that can total your car, and possibly yourself!

  1. Arthritis
  2. Asthma
  3. Heart Disease
  4. Tourette Syndrome
  5. Epilepsy or Narcolepsy

Listed in order by number and not severity, we’ll start with the least dangerous at the very top of that list: Arthritis.

Think about what Arthritis does to you, and you can imagine that it may inhibit your ability to drive efficiently. Typically, this is why you may not find senior citizens driving: a lack of motor skills necessary to operate a car.

Second on the list is Asthma, a rather common condition, but with deadly repercussions. The most normal people in terms of health can die from this – and not simply in a car accident, either. But when you’re struggling to catch your breath, it can drastically inhibit your ability to drive. Make sure you keep the inhaler handy!

Heart Disease can be serious for one reason: you usually don’t know when it’s coming, and when it does come, it comes fast- even if you’re working hard to prevent it.  It’s for that reason that when you’re driving, once the chest pains hit, you better be pulled over immediately – or you might find yourself smack into someone else’s fender.

While those suffering from Tourette’s deal with the emotional suffering of their outbursts, think about what it would be like if they happened to be driving a car.

Road rage is a serious issue that causes a ton of accidents, and while a person suffering from Tourette’s doesn’t mean to blurt out some of the things you might hear from a typical road rager, it won’t sound any different to other drivers who might cause accidents due to the distractions. Additionally, physical ticks can impede the driving abilities of a person with Tourette’s.

These two are especially saved for last, especially because they’re so similar, yet different. Nothing can scare a driver more than either passing out or falling asleep at the wheel, or seeing that another driver has passed out or fallen asleep at the wheel. That’s Epilepsy and Narcolepsy.

Epilepsy is a disease characterized by regular or random seizures impeding every motor function in the body. Narcolepsy is the characteristic random transition to sleep, no matter what the sufferer is doing – eating, walking, running, dancing, and driving.

Imagine you have either disease, and you’re driving on the highway; because it’s so random and sudden, you can quickly go into seizures or fall asleep: that’s a recipe for disaster.

Some of these diseases can’t be spotted until you have an attack – Heart Disease ranks up there, Asthma ranks up there.

Be careful when you drive whether or not you suffer from these diseases and please, if you absolutely have to drive with these illnesses make sure you’re up to date on your car insurance WITH collision, because either way, you might be out on the road against a driver who’s dealing with any one of these diseases already!  Always check your local laws and discuss your ability to drive safely with your doctor if you have one of the aforementioned or other medical conditions that may impair your ability to drive.


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One thought on “Are You Too Sick to Drive? 5 Illnesses That Can Cause a Car Crash

  • April 20, 2011 at 6:42 am

    I agree with you on the top 5 illnesses that can cause an accident. Although, person who suffers arthritis can be prevented to drive by telling not to drive. However, with the rest of the illnesses, no. 3 is the most dangerous. The heart disease. Nobody knows when it will come. So sudden. Its so unpredictable. Everybody can have it without knowing it.

    But the main thing is, be extra careful when driving! Drive safely!

    Thanks for the info!


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