Signs That You May Have a Perfume Allergy

There are a number of different allergies that people can suffer from and they all have their own symptoms, severity and triggers. Thanks to research and improved understanding, people suffering from an allergy can receive treatment and learn what they need to avoid and how they can keep the risk of flare up to the minimum.

However, some allergy symptoms can be self-diagnosed as other things or may start out relatively minor and then get worse over time. This includes many of the initial symptoms of a perfume allergy. It is important to know what to look out for as these initial symptoms can get worse over time if a person is continually exposed to the allergen causing the reaction.


The most obvious and noticeable symptom of a perfume allergy is a rash that appears in the area where perfume has come into contact with the skin. This may be raised and red in appearance and itchy but also sore. For some it may take on the appearance of eczema, especially in the armpit area if it is a reaction to a perfumed deodorant. For most sufferers this will eventually disappear once they apply a cortisone cream and stop using the perfume that caused the rash to appear.

Other people who have a perfume allergy report symptoms that are similar to those experienced when they have a head cold. A blocked up or runny nose, sneezing, and even sinus pain are all common. Additionally eyes may constantly run while being red and itchy and sufferers may experience a severe headache and feelings of nausea.


People suffering from a perfume allergy are normally reacting to one or more specific ingredients used in the production of the perfume rather than the whole thing. In order to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction it is important to know exactly which ingredients they are allergic to because perfume is included in many products and not just that favorite bottle sitting on the dressing table. Soaps, shampoos, moisturizers, makeup and even washing powders, air fresheners, candles and cleaning products contain perfumes. As you can see the list of products that can potentially spark a reaction is very large.

Luckily if a person suspects that they are suffering from a perfume allergy they can arrange with their doctor or dermatologist to undergo an allergy test. The medical practitioner will apply known allergens to a small section of the person’s skin to see if they react. Although a reaction will involve some minor skin irritation, this will go in a very short time so it is worth taking the test. The doctor or dermatologist will then be able to provide a list of things that are causing the perfume allergy and give advice on what the person needs to avoid.

No allergy is pleasant for the sufferer but they are treatable and manageable so the earlier they are diagnosed the better. If you recognise that you are suffering from any of the perfume allergy symptoms above then make an appointment with your doctor or dermatologist as soon as possible to get started on treatment straight away.

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Iren Parusheva is working for one of the best companies to prevent perfume allergy (parfume allergi is the Danish term) and she is more than happy to share her knowledge.

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