Simple Tricks to Get Real Ripped Muscle

Getting a good-looking, ripped body is a lot easier than some people think, but at the same time there are so many trainers and lifters out there who are operating under completely wrong information.  For guys, many of us who workout regularly simply want to get that ripped muscle physique like Ryan Reynolds.  The popular idea that’s been circulating around gyms is that the way you lift is what makes the difference in your tone and definition, but that’s not true at all.

Ryan Reynolds Workout for Ripped Muscle

What Really Matters for Ripped Muscle

The simplest way to put it is that your ripped look is mostly dependant on your body fat percentage. The lower that is, the more ripped your body will look, even if you haven’t been spending a lot of recent time in the gym pumping iron.

Think about it. The higher your body fat percentage is, the more there will be that is actually covering up your real muscles. That is why someone can be incredibly strong but still look chubby, and that’s the same reason a 120 pound guy can look so well-defined even with absolutely no weight training.

Reps Are Not What Shape Your Muscle

One of the myths that has seemed to pick up steam lately is that you have to do high amounts of reps with low weight to get the shape of the muscle right, while the heavier weights with fewer reps are responsible for the actual muscle bulk. They think of it like somanabolic muscle maximizer exercises where the quality of the rep changes the result.

That just simply isn’t true. Doing sets with few reps and a lot of weight is always going to give you the best results, because it really works the muscles. Less weight will still work the muscle, just less. Make sense?

Using Cardio As a Muscle Maximizer

One aspect of training that a lot of gym rats completely neglect is the cardio. If you want that ripped, defined body then you need to dedicate a lot more of your time to high intensity cardio training. This is what does the real fat stripping and allows your muscles to bulge through. The best breakdown of training time would probably be about two times as much cardio as weight training. Therefore, if you are working for an hour all you have to do is lift for 20 minutes and then spend the remaining 40 minutes with some strong cardio.

And listen, don’t just walk for a few minutes on a treadmill and call it a workout. You need to have some real intensity in those workouts if you want them to make a difference. Pump up the speed and do a mile as fast as possible. Get your heart rate up along with your respiration, and make sure you wipe off some sweat when you are done!

Watch Your Calories More Than Your Meals

One problem with nutritional advice for weight trainers is that they put a finite number on the amount of meals you should eat per day, usually 6 small meals each day. This isn’t necessarily wrong, but it puts the focus on the wrong issue. The real issue should be your calories. It is true that smaller meals more often will keep your metabolism working longer, thereby burning more fat, but since everybody is different it’s hard to specifically quantify it like that. If 5 meals feels good to you, do that. If it’s 4, that’s perfectly all right.
[box type=”note”]Instead of worrying about the amount of food, focus on the quality of the food. Keep your calories down, and you’ll start to see more muscle definition showing through. It’s as simple as that![/box]

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    Hey Andrew! Thanks for the good article. I actually wrote a little ebook on the subject (which you can grab at the website.) It’s very true what you say, problem though is that I believe most people give up halfway through, as usually is the case with most things. Finding proper lasting motivation is key.

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    Thanks for reminding what I really need to focus on.


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