How to Get Over those Sleepless Nights?

Are you going through bouts of anger and irritable behaviors during the day, shouting at others for no serious issues whatsoever? Blame it on your inadequate night’s sleep, which may be one of the major reasons behind your erratic behavior.

Sleeplessness can be caused from a number of factors, including too much stress, stimulation of the brain just before you go to bed, and others. However, such problems can give rise to loads of other physical and mental issues that might be detrimental to your health and should be checked in the initial stages.

Feeling Tired During the Day?

Now, you might be elucidating on your reasons behind spending sleepless nights or suffering from insomnia. From studying late night to partying hard, going into a workaholic spree to attending your baby, there might be umpteen reasons for keeping awake at night.

However, what is important is, to understand the fact that your brain requires sufficient amount of sleep to function efficiently and to store and process existing information that you have accumulated throughout the day.

Imagine a machine working eighteen hours a day. Will it not get exhausted at one point of time and pine for some rest? When the brain is extremely active, it needs even more sleep. This explains the difference between the requirements of sleep in people having varied lifestyles.

If you are suffering from insomnia, do not be disillusioned. While you can always buy Ambien online (if you have a prescription) in the worst case scenario but trying out some natural methods first is always the best way to find a solution to insomnia. Here are some tips to help you get over those daunting nights:

Avoid Brainstorming

Does it not happen that while you watch a horror movie or a murder mystery, you find it difficult to sleep? Your brain is then too excited and exhilarated to be able to calm down and thus- the sleeplessness. Therefore, avoid unnecessary brainstorming after a sleepless night. This also entails not thinking about complex issues or taking too much of stress on your mind when you plan to get sleep. The best way to achieve peace of mind in case your mind is perturbed is to meditate. Meditation calms your mind, while attending to your sleep requirements largely.

Exercise Everyday

You must be reluctant to get up from your bed after those sleepless nights. A small stimulation of the whole body can make you forget the drowsiness. Make it a routine regime to exercise in moderate amounts after getting up and keep your body and mind healthy. After all a healthy mind lies in a healthy body.

Eating Healthy

Did you know, what you eat affects your sleep and activity to a great extent? Gorging on a heavy meal will mean pushing all your accumulated energy in digesting those bulky stuffs and therefore lead to blood sugar fluctuations. Therefore, in order to perform well after a bad night’s sleep, it is essential to keep your food light and hop into your bed early.

Even a single night’s complete sleep is sufficient to gear you up. Therefore, you need not put much effort to avoid those hangover-like feelings.

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  • September 14, 2011 at 8:20 am

    If you have peace of mind you can avoid sleepless nights. Another important factor is Sleep Hygiene which should be maintained for good sleep.


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