Slim Down Before Summer

Spring is the time to transition from summer to winter, and part of that process is losing the extra pounds that we tend to pack on over the colder months. Three months isn’t a lot of time to lose weight, but there are some tricks you can learn to help reach your weight loss goals sooner. And these diet and exercise tips don’t require you to skip meals or work out for excessive amounts of time.

Increase exercise in intervals. Start at a comfortable level that’s slightly to moderately challenging and then increase your workout each week. Increasing in intervals helps prevent injury, promotes toning up rather than bulking up, and makes both workout and weight loss goals more attainable.


Set weekly and monthly goals. Short-term goals help you keep track of your progress and increase your motivation for reaching long-term goals. Utilize your gym’s club membership software, which may have a program that helps you set goals and track progress with milestones.

Exercise earlier in the day. Exercise increases your metabolism, which causes you to burn energy in the form of fat. Exercising in the morning increases your metabolism for the rest of the day, causing you to burn more fat over a longer time period. If you can squeeze in a workout before your day begins, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with more energy throughout the rest of the day.

Eat healthy fats. According to a study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on dietary fats and weight loss, healthy fats actually support weight loss by helping us store up the right kinds of energy that sustain us throughout the day, rather than giving us the quick energy boost and subsequent crash we get from carbohydrates. Try integrating nuts, avocados, olives, coconuts, safflower oils, essential fatty acids and cold water fish like salmon into your daily diet.

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