I’m getting a lot of questions about soy lately… the marketing masters did a great job selling it as a health product… gotta love those guys

The two reasons I avoid it like the plague:

1) it’s the #1 genetically modified food in the world and you’ll be hard pressed to find a natural version

2) they use high heat (which completely destroys its molecules) and hexane (also found in cement glue) to extract the bean from the shell

So unless you know an organic farmer who is hand shelling every bean, or you are hand shelling every bean yourself > avoid it completely. There are more than plenty of safe sources for protein in the plant world without having to consume cement glue :)

As for edamame: they are still in their shell (LOL, so that IS you shelling them minus the hexane) but there are no labeling laws compelling anyone to indicate GMO product. So you specifically need to look for “organic, whole bean, non-GMO” certified on the package.

Jaqui Karr

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