Why You Should Add Push Ups in Your Workout?

Plenty of people will forget about push ups when they enter a gym and have a whole range of weight lifting machines and free weights beside them.

Push Ups

However, exercises as simple as push ups could actually help improve your workouts and muscle gains, here’s why:

Prior to lifting weights you need to make sure that your muscles are warmed up. Push ups are a fantastic way to get the blood circulating throughout the body and will help prevent the risk of injury when lifting weights.

The push up motion utilizes many different muscles such as triceps, pectorals, lats, deltoids and abdominals so you will be effectively warming up most of your upper body from one exercise.

Push ups are also a good method of cardiovascular exercise and burning calories, doing multiple sets of push ups would be a good workout in itself.

Can Push Ups Help You Gain Muscle?

Absolutely, push ups will help improve the strength of many regions of your body.

If you currently can’t do many push ups they can even help you gain some muscle size.

6-10 reps is the well renowned range for building muscle mass, so if you find yourself only able to stay within this range when doing push ups, you should be able to increase your size from only doing push ups.

As you get stronger or if you already yourself going over this range you will be targeting muscle tone.

Another significant benefit of push ups is how it introduces variety into your workouts. People may often find themselves sticking to lifting weights within the same range i.e.6-10 reps in each workout. This can slow down your muscle improvements as it gives your body a chance to get into a routine.

Keeping your body surprised is the best way to build muscle and avoiding hitting a plateau. Push ups can really help with this as it brings a mixture of different reps and intensity to a weight lifting workout.


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2 thoughts on “Why You Should Add Push Ups in Your Workout?

  • August 6, 2011 at 7:49 am

    Pushups are a great way to finish off your chest workout. I always end chest with 2 sets of 15-20 pushups with my feet up on a bench.

  • August 4, 2011 at 4:49 am

    I’ve always thought pushups were a great way to build muscle in your upper body and I’m glad people are still writing about it. This exercise never gets old.


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