Start your Day the Right Way & Cycle to Work!

If you drive to work every day, you’ve no doubt seen cyclists zipping past you, as you remain at a standstill in peak hour traffic. If you catch public transport, on the other hand, you’re likely to have been jealous of a cyclist riding past in the fresh air, with not a care in the world of stuffy carriages or funky smells coming from the person beside them.

Hectic peak hour traffic or an unpleasant commute to work can ruin the rest of your day, putting you in an awful mood before you even arrive at work. If you’re tired of unknown odours and terrible drivers ruining your morning, make the change and ride to work today!

Health Benefits of Cycling

Now we all know that riding to work can help you to avoid peak hour traffic and unpleasant public transportation, but how can cycling improve your health? Firstly, there are the obvious benefits, which underlie you having a better start to your day; your body will be free from stress and anxiety, allowing you to maintain better mental health and an overall improved immune system. Cycling also helps to exercise a range of muscles, promoting weight loss, stronger muscle development and healthier bones.

Choosing your Bike

With a varying range of bikes for sale, it’s often difficult to know where to begin. If you haven’t yet experienced the beauty of starting your day with a relaxing ride to work, you may need help in choosing the right bike for you.

First, you need to determine whether you will purely be using your bike to ride to and from work or if you also want to use it for leisure activities. The next step in choosing the right bike for you is knowing your regular riding conditions; for instance, will you be riding on the road or through parks of varying terrain on your way to work? Once you have determined these two major contributing factors, you can begin your search for the perfect bike.

The range of bikes you will be looking at are most likely going to consist of mountain bikes, road bikes and hybrid bikes. While not as common, folding bikes are also a great option for travellers who can only complete half of their journey by bike and need to commute for the rest of the trip.

Starting your day in a positive way can help to change your health, your outlook on life and your mental capacity, often leading to an improvement in workplace productivity. Not only will you notice various health benefits, but you’ll also begin to feel your wallet becoming a little heavier. People who choose to ride to work every day can save thousands of dollars on public transport or fuel costs each year – so if the health benefits weren’t enough, the financial gains will definitely seal the deal.

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3 thoughts on “Start your Day the Right Way & Cycle to Work!

    • September 18, 2012 at 7:51 am

      Doug, when I was younger, I used to spend over 30 hrs per week training for cycling. Much of this involved riding on congested streets. Looking back, I feel lucky to be alive today to talk about it! Today it seems far worse since motorists don’t yield the same amount of respect to people on bikes. Cycling is dangerous enough without cars–I write this with my left hand after having sprained by AC joint crashing on my mountain bike.

      • September 19, 2012 at 9:02 am

        It’s war here in Toronto – cars hate bikes, bikes hate cars and pedestrians are an endangered species thanks to both cars & bikes


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