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Exercising in your spa is quite easy and pleasant. The warm water of your spa offers light resistance and a relaxing way for performing your water exercises. Many Arthritis Foundations recommend water exercises to arthritis patients for relieving pain and building muscles. However before performing any work out, you should take the permission from your doctors and should stop the exercise immediately if you feel uncomfortable with it.

If you are undertaking any exercise, you have to start it slowly. You will come across greater mobility in your hot tub as the warm water provides buoyancy. This helps you to relax easily and keep your joints fit. The latest hot tubs contain water for your relaxation, soaking, massage, hydrotherapy, reading as well as meditation. You can set up your own rules for using your hot tub. Nevertheless in public hot tubs, you have to follow the same guidelines as applicable to other hot tub users.

Let’s check out a few physical exercises that will help you to stay fit. You can carry out these workouts with your legs, abdomen, shoulder and neck.

Leg Exercise

You can simply warm yourself up in a hot tub by moving your legs up and down casually. Project you right leg and then bring your right knee back in the direction of your body slowly. Make your leg straight till your knee is locked and try to repeat this process. Carry out this process 5 times and alternate this exercise with each of your legs 3 times. Take it to a point where you can perform 10 repetitions with each of your legs for 3 sets.

Abdominal Exercise

You can also undertake abdominal workout. Take your seat and take a deep breath slowly. Contract your abdominal muscles while exhaling. You do not have the need to carry out this exercise quickly. Try out 5 repetitions and start increasing to 3 sets of 10.

Shoulder and Neck Exercises

You can also be benefited by undertaking shoulder and neck exercises. Try to stand in your hot tub and lower your shoulder under its water gradually. Turn your shoulders backward and forward for 5 times slowly. You can increase this to 3 sets of 10. You have to move your neck from one side to another by keeping your shoulders under water.

Cool Down

After completing these exercises, take your seat, close your eyes and try to breathe in and out slowly.

Hot Tubs Containing Exercise Features

You can use spas for getting relaxation but many other companies are manufacturing hot tubs for offering you the opportunity to perform work out. These hot tubs contain powerful jets for providing strong current to swim against it. These spas come with attachments connecting to bars around hot tubs for providing a full body exercise.

Let’s have a look at the different spas with exercise features:

Aquacisor Exercise Spa

It is a 7 person spa featuring a range of bars and jets for manifold exercises. This hot tub is about 53 inches deep. It is enough for you to stand comfortably and run against the current of the jets. An alternative row attachment helps you to train your upper body and build up strength in your arms, back and chest. The hot tubs are also available with a set of 6 tension bands that work with the muscles in your body. After finishing your work out, you can take rest at the corner seats of the spa with cushion jets that help to massage your neck, shoulder and back.

Ultimate Fitness Series Spa

You can also buy this spa for availing an opportunity to carry out cardiovascular exercises. The jets of this hot tub help you to adjust the current of your swimming speed whereas the hot water helps you to relax your muscles and enhance your motion. You can get this spa with Fitness Pro 2500 including several attachments for curling and rowing.

Swim Spa Trainer

If you want to stay in shape by undertaking swimming and jogging in your hot tub, you can purchase this Swim Spa Trainer. The jets of this spa provide you the required current as well as the resistance for swimming and jogging. Moreover an accessory is available to enhance the strength of the upper portion of your body by rowing. This hot tub also features FM stereo or CD to help you listen to your favorite music artists while exercising.

Look for the latest hot tubs with exercise features from a reputed spa store online and enjoy a healthy body and mind.

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