Stomach Toning: Getting the Look you Really Want

Often when people go on diets it’s because they really want to lose belly fat. People think that by cutting out certain foods they will drop pounds and get the body they’ve always dreamed of in just a matter of weeks. Diet companies thrive on the idea, but actually that isn’t the case at all.

The belly is designed to be a fairly flexible part of the body, even a relatively skinny person can easily become bloated when they fill up on particularly heavy foods. It’s not necessary to join a gym or spend a lot of money on fad diets, just eating healthily and exercising around the home can be more than enough to achieve a well toned appearance.


The best way to ensure you get the flat bellied look you’ve always wanted is to make regular use of stomach toning exercises. That’s why crunches are such a great way to work on your stomach muscles, because they can be performed practically anywhere without the need for expensive equipment.

To perform a basic crunch all you have to do is lay down and cross your arms over your chest. Next bend your knees so as to draw your feet parallel to your hips on the floor. Then lift your shoulders up as far as they can comfortably go (be careful not to hurt your neck). Hold the position for a few seconds before returning to a normal laying position. Now place your arms by your sides and lift up your legs, cross your ankles and bring towards your head. Hold for a few seconds and release.

Start with doing a dozen or so slow repetitions, building up to more sets as the weeks go on. Stomach crunch exercises should never really take more than 20 minutes to do, but they should be done every day if you want to see results.

Once you have built up your stamina you may want to try something a little more advanced. There are a wide range of variants to the crunch you can try, including side stomach crunches, reverse crunch with heel presses and bicycle crunches to name a few.

As with all forms of exercise, you will need to commit to a regular workout routine if you want to see any real changes take place. It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you exercise just four times a week within a month you should start to see a real difference.  Creating a calorie deficit through a combination of diet and exercise is key to removing belly fat.

This is a guest post by Jessy Troy who blogs on all things fitness and weight loss at Extreme and

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  • September 17, 2010 at 9:35 am

    You wrote an article with the word ‘Toning’ in the title – shame on you! :D

    Seriously though, if you want ripped abs you should also look into doing some hardcore moves like Windshield Wipers, Fold Ups, and Ab Wheel Roll Outs. There are videos and descriptions of each of these exercises and more at the URL in my author link… check out parts 1, 2, and 3 of that post.


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