Best Stop Snoring Tips & Home Remedies

If you are the one who snores in your family you are most likely getting a better nights sleep than the person who is lying next to you. For someone who has to bare the snoring night after night, it can become very frustrating causing a lot of stress in their relationship with you. Discussing the problem with your partner is a good idea, tell them you are very aware of the problem and are looking for a solution.


Help Your Partner

While you are looking for a solution you could suggest to your partner that using earplugs is a simple way to help block out some of the noise. The great thing about earplugs also is they are relatively comfortable once you get used to them and cheap to purchase. Just make sure that they know it’s a temporary thing and not an excuse to stop looking for a way to help with your snoring.

 8 Stop Snoring Solutions

On the market there are many  stop snoring devices, and different variations of the same devices. There are also some simple things you can do that will require nothing to be purchased. Lifestyle changes may also be necessary to help stop snoring. Below is a list of simple stop snoring solutions that you can try:

1. Your snoring may be caused just by sleeping in the wrong position (on your back). If you are a back sleeper simply sleeping on your side could stop the snoring. If you find it difficult to adjust to a new sleeping position sewing a pocket on the back of your t-shirt and placing a tennis ball inside works great. This helps the same as someone poking you works, if you roll onto your back during the night the ball will make it very uncomfortable which will cause your body to turn back to a more comfortable position.

2. Sleeping with a few extra pillows will help to stop the tissues  in your throat from falling back into your air passage. You could also raise your bed by placing a few books or a blanc of wood underneath the legs. A stop snoring pillow could also help.

3. Blocked nasal passages (congestion) could be causing your snoring. If this is the case using nasal strips is one of the most effective and popular ways to help, they are available at most pharmacies and stores. A temporary fix if your snoring is caused by an allergy is peppermint mouthwash. To make add 1 drop of peppermint oil to a cup of cold water and gargle – do not swallow.  The peppermint will shrink the lining in your nose.

4. If you’re snoring is most problematic in the spring and summer months it could be caused by a pollen allergy due to blocked airways. Drinking nettle tea will help to soothe inflammation caused by the pollen allergy. It is ideal if you use organic nettle tea for the best results.

5. Making some lifestyle changes might be essential for long-term success. The biggest reason many people snore and can be a difficult one to accept is being overweight. When a person is overweight the airways are constricted, meaning that by losing a few pounds the airways will become less constricted and hopefully no more snoring.

6. Drinking alcohol before going to bed is also a no because it relaxes the muscles in the throat more than normal. Eating a big meal just before going to bed is also not a good idea.

7. Smoking is another lifestyle change you may have to make for long-term success in conquering your snoring. The reason it is important to give up smoking is because it irritates the mucous membranes, swelling the throat, and narrowing the airways. Smokers are also more likely to have issues with nasal congestion.

8. There are also many anti snoring devices on the market such as the anti snoring ring, pillow, chin strap, wrist band, mouthpiece that can be purchased for relatively cheap. The success rate of these products varies massively from person to person and from device to device. Testing each one is the best way to get one that works best for you.


Before trying to stop snoring it is important you consult with your doctor that you are having problems with snoring. The reason for this is because snoring can often be an indication of a more serious condition. If your doctor gives you the all clear and you only have light to mild snoring you can then proceed to use the above tips.

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