Stress Can Affect the Health of Your Skin

Stress is detrimental to your health as well as to the health of your skin.  In fact research now shows that the damage stress inflicts on your skin is comparable to that of environmental pollutants.  Stress can cause or exacerbate problems with your skin such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, and can also contribute to premature aging.

When you experience stress of some kind your body releases the “fight of flight” hormones; adrenalin and cortisol.  These hormones are designed to get your body ready to take action.

Although, they are an important part of dealing with all that life can throw at you, they can cause damage to your skin.  When these hormones are released your skin becomes more sensitive and reactive, making it more prone to damage.

Cortisol blocks the formation of collagen, a crucial building block in your skin.  It also kicks your sebaceous glands into overdrive producing excessive oil.  High levels of cortisol have also been shown to affect the immune cells in your skin, weakening your skin’s defenses against UV light and pollutants.

Although stress is nearly impossible to avoid, there are things you can do to help your skin cope with these difficult times.

Use a gentle and effective cleanser and facial scrub to thoroughly remove dead skin cells, excess sebum, dirt, and debris.  This will help prevent blemishes from popping up during stressful times.

Protect your skin daily with an effective sunscreen.  Because your skin’s defenses against UV light are weakened during times of stress you need to make sure you are taking extra care to protect it.

Light therapy systems, such as the DPL Light, help to strengthen your skin.  They also encourage repairing and healing of any damage that has already occurred.

Give your skin the upper hand by consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables.  They load your body with antioxidants which help your skin cells ward off free radical attacks while making the cells stronger and healthier.

Implement a workout program into your daily routine.  Exercise is a proven stress reliever and helps you look and feel better.

Incorporate relaxation techniques into your daily regimen.  Meditation, deep breathing exercises, yoga, and visualization are all great ways to relieve stress and feel more balanced.

Take time for yourself every day and do something you enjoy such as going for a walk, reading, listening to music, or simply taking a nice warm bath.

[box type=”info”]Stress is a part of life but you can do things to lessen the negative affects. Take stress seriously and make a conscientious effort to reduce the amount of stress in your life. When you are going through a stressful time take extra care of yourself and your skin, you are worth it![/box]

Victoria Girard

Victoria is dedicated to helping others live a healthier lifestyle and obtaining beautifully healthy skin by using tools such as red light therapy, natural skin care, and the right foods. Beautiful skin comes from taking care of yourself inside and out. By living a healthy lifestyle including healthy foods and supplements, exercise, low stress, and naturally safe skincare products you can reveal great skin. Get more tips and advice at

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