Stress as a Debilitating Medical Condition: How to Ease the Strain of Everyday Life

Despite the fact that stress is now officially considered to be a debilitating psychological illness, it is still viewed with suspicion by some employers. Unfortunately, stress remains a serious phenomenon in the UK and across the world, however, with a growing number workers forced to seek out counseling and medical assistance in order to restore their well being.

The total number of stress related medical cases reached a staggering 428,000 during 2011/2012, and this represented more than 40% of all work place illnesses. This figure has risen annually for the last 4 years, and it is expected to do so again by the end of 2013. While many may cite the global economic downturn as a key factor in this epidemic, however, each individual case has its own unique set of contributing factors.


Relieving Workplace Stress: 3 Steps Towards a Happier Life

With this in mind, it is important that employees are proactive and take steps towards cultivating a positive balance between their professional and personal lives.

Evaluate your Life and its Meaning:

Once the symptoms of stress have taken hold, it can be extremely difficult to redress the balance and restore your sense of calm. This is why it is important to regularly evaluate your life and its fundamental goals, as an unplanned deviation from your career path or in your personal life cause a great deal of angst, concern and stress. This exercise can also help you to ensure that you are able to focus on both the professional and personal aspects of your life, as an over emphasis on one over the other can create significant stress when things do not go according to plan.

Embrace Physical Well Being and Good Health:

The links between physical and mental health are well known, and you only need to look at the sport of golf to understand this further. The advent of fit and physically strong athletes such as Tiger Woods has helped to revolutionize the game, and created a generation of younger professionals who combine mental strength and fortitude with excellent physicality. Quite aside from the fact that vigorous exercise is known to stimulate feelings of joy and positivity, the cultivation physical well being also allows you to take control of your life and diminish the threat posed by stress and anxiety.

Take Regular Holidays:

Our mundane and relentless daily routines can be a significant trigger for stress related illness, especially when we experience issues at home or in the workplace. Having an escape from these routines is therefore critical to maintaining good mental health, whether you plan one or two large getaways or schedule a number of weekend breaks. Whether you visit a world renowned international resort such as the Sapphire Waters Motor Inn in Australia or select from one of the UK’s leading spa destinations, it is important to immerse yourself in a carefree and relaxing environment. Even those of you on a minimal budget should strive to break away from everyday routines, even if you take a drive to the coast and stay overnight in a peaceful bed and breakfast resort.

The Bottom Line

While stress remains underestimated in some quarters, its standing as a serious illness can no longer be disputed. You can take steps to avoid it, however, so long as you are proactive in your mindset and willing to change various aspects of your existing lifestyle.

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4 thoughts on “Stress as a Debilitating Medical Condition: How to Ease the Strain of Everyday Life

  • April 27, 2013 at 4:02 pm

    I enjoyed reading this article, and I agree with all of the comments. I see the effects of stress on the body every day as a massage therapist. Often stress in the body is the result of repetitive use or constant use of a muscle or muscle group, sometimes leading to pain or injury. The surrounding muscles that support the painful area then become weak from over compensating. It strikes me as interesting that the same thing happens to the mind and emotions when behavior or activity repeated for too long. Skipping holidays and regualr “coffee breaks” during the day starts to negatively affect the work/home-life balance. Making sure to keep commitments to yourself to take appropriate breaks is important. For example, during the work day if you have a desk job, take a break to stand up every 20 minutes even of you stay at your desk and continue to work, stand up for 5 minutes halfway through an hour long meeting – you may set a trend, go get a drink of water and a healthy snack every hour or so, take your full lunch break, leave work at work when it’s quitting time (or at least go home at quitting time and wait till much later to pick it up again). For people with jobs that can accommodate any of these types of “breaks”, you will find more time for planning and reviewing, which will help you feel more in control because your general awareness of what’s going on will be increased. You will also notice your tight shoulders relax, your back will hurt less often, and if you drink enough water your stress headaches may go away all together.

  • April 27, 2013 at 11:25 am

    Meditation is the best way to overcome any type of stress

  • April 26, 2013 at 1:50 am

    The author has touched on a variety of factors that could cause stress and has suggested some ways of combating it. In fact one could write a whole treatise on stress without getting any nearer to exhausting this topic. It is on this basis that I would wish to just chip in this piece. There is a general saying that charity usually begins at home! Is your home peaceful? How do you relate to your spouse, your children, your parents, etc? If there were peace and happiness at home this would be carried through to the outside: the workplace, market, railway station, as a driver, as a teacher, as a student, etc. You know many people vent their spleen on the first person they meet outside when they have had a row, an unpleasant episode, etc at home! And this venting of the spleen begins to have a domino effect all round the place: stress grows and is spread all over the place because amity, camaraderie, concord and cooperation begin to lag at workplace, on the highway, etc.

    Most of the time the issues at home are a result of very poor home training. The spouses had come from homes where their parents had not bothered to tutor them on standard behaviors, appropriate behaviors and good conduct. And these spouses get their own children! Do you think their children would behave any better? Nope, because the spouses have not given the children any home training either because these spouses, now parents, don’t have any! You cannot give what you don’t have! And so, the family is a war zone; and this war zone is transferred to the neighborhoods where children join gangs and other violent squads! And stress begins to multiply ad infinitum!

    It would pay a lot if people rediscovered this and went back to basics. Let everybody begin to take either self-taught lectures on good manners and behaviors, and good behavioral practices. And these should be transmitted to the children. If this should be applied, peace would come back to the home and stress and its growth outside the home would begin to diminish. Taking a holiday to reduce stress is just palliative. What happens when such a person comes back from the holiday? Would the stress go away? Definitely not, if the above stress factors still persist!

    • April 26, 2013 at 5:27 pm

      #aimbeyondthesky…very valid points you raised. So true. It all goes back to who we are and how we see ourselves in light of others. Therefore we function out of that foundation. When we don’t attend to our responsibilities in life there is a price to pay no matter what the relationship, work or home.


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