Study Revealed Buff Men Are Sexist

There have been a growing number of men who hit the gym these days. Buff men have been catching our eyes and making some women sizzle inside. There are many men who want to buff their body due to different kinds of reasons.  Some men want to be buff or have their muscles big enough to attract some women and gain confidence and the like. Despite the many positive things about men having a buff body, a study has been saying about men who are muscular or buff are considered to be a sexist person.

Buff man with six pack and large pecs

What Is Sexism/Sexist?

Sexist or sexism is actually a definition which means sexual discrimination or gender discrimination which is simply having prejudice on one’s sex. They have attitudes that are based on beliefs of stereotypes of the roles of gender. Some would say that it is built in most society. Others would use it and associated it to discrimination which can be seen against men.

Yet it can also trigger the transsexual, men, intersexual and the like. An example of sexism is the view that most women are supposed to be at home while men work which is now not the real condition that most women and men experience in the present generation.

Reasons Why Men Choose to Get Buff

Being buffed or having muscular built can be achieved scientifically, which is the fastest way to do it and an unhealthy way, or you could opt to go to the gym day to day or in a schedule basis. Either way, buffed men have sacrificed a lot to achieve to have his body built toned into shape brought about by various reasons.

Some common reasons why men opt to hit the gym and tone their muscular system, is to show off and to attract most women. While some, opt to undergo into an intensive muscular building to be able to show their masculinity.

Research Study: Buff Men Are Sexist

According to a study, it goes to show, men who are obsessed and engaged in muscular building and getting their body toned down have shown to objectify women and have an attitude of a sexist towards the opposite sex. In addition, men having oppressive beliefs think that thin women are beautiful.

What the researchers did to this study is that they let a group of men around 327 men which filled out and answered the questionnaires about the desire of having a buff body and their own attitude towards women in particular. When the questionnaires have been returned, it showed that those men having a higher interest in being muscular have a highest score in sexist beliefs, women objectification and hostility towards the opposite sex.

Experts say, men having oppressive beliefs in gender equality and women are much likely in endorsing masculinity stereotyping including the physique of the muscles. In addition, in a society where patriarchal structure reign, men seeks in reasserting their having masculinity through physical enhancement by making their body more buff.  Another reason suggests that mass media is the culprit of why muscular buff men are flourishing these days. In relation, the experts found out those oppressive beliefs on women that drive men for clamoring for muscularity.


Alapati Amarendra

Dr. Amarendra is researcher and passionate blogger. He is an active member in various health communities. He likes to share health and medical information.

2 thoughts on “Study Revealed Buff Men Are Sexist

  • January 10, 2013 at 9:40 am

    This gotta be the dumbest anecdotal study and conclusion in a history of blogging. Ugh!

  • August 17, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    …And Hollywood is replete with such buff and tuff macho men. These are the types that women are taught to worship.

    Let me make a bet with you all–

    The scientific findings of this study will fizzle, and sexist media/society will continue their usual bashing of skinny Barbie/Disney Princesses; no one will remember these findings in one year because it’s embarrassing to those with obscene amounts of testosterone.

    Society is ruled relentlessly by men who will do whatever they can to degrade everyone else.


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