Subliminal Motivational Techniques for Self-Improvement

Most often, when someone wants to change their life, the biggest obstacle they face is actually themselves. Whether or not a person is going to be able to achieve their goals,  normally comes down to how mentally prepared they are for the road that lays ahead of them.

Exerting control over your own mental landscape, through the use of subliminal motivational and observational techniques, is an excellent way to avoid the traps we set for ourselves, whilst also providing a framework within which long-term personal growth can flourish.

Motivational Mantras

One of the most ancient motivational techniques known to man is the use of mantras. Constantly repeating a phrase that you link to success throughout the day, so as to mentally reinforce an idea related to the goal you want to achieve, is a very potent method for self-improvement.

Unfortunately, modern life doesn’t always make the use of motivational mantras easy, particularly if you happen to work in a busy environment with a lot of other people. So a good tip is to replace your standard computer and web passwords (some of which you undoubtedly use multiple times a day) with motivational phrases. Obviously if you normally have your passwords saved on your computer or browser, change it so that you have to enter your passwords manually each time.

Motivational passwords should still follow the normal rules for passwords so that they remain secure, this means they need to be at least eight letters long, containing a mixture of alphanumeric characters. Also don’t forget that different passwords should be used for different places.

Motivational Imagery

A picture is worth a thousand words, in the case of subliminal programming this can be especially true. Finding images that resonate with you strongly on a personal level, that relate to the goal you hope to achieve (in a positive way), can really make a difference when it comes to finding the strength to persevere in pursuit of your dreams.

Images can conjure up all kinds of feeling and memories, so by placing the right kinds of pictures in places where you will regularly spend time looking at them, you can make sure to constantly reinforce your own desire to be successful.

Cultivating Awareness of Self

There are times when we all get the urge to quit, or find ourselves having doubts about our own abilities. A good exercise to help combat these negative impulses, is to simply keep a diary of every time you want to quit or you have doubts about yourself. You will be shocked how many times a day we set ourselves up to fail.  The diaries don’t need to be complicated, a simple tally chart will do, just so that you can see how often you are having these negative thoughts.

Identifying our own fears and weaknesses is the first step in overcoming them, but you will need a plan in place for how you’re going to deal with these issues before they crop up. For example, every time you feel like you want to quit, maybe look at a motivational image or take a small break so you can relax a bit, but make sure you return to work.

If you feel like you aren’t capable of something, spend time looking at your past accomplishments to help you realize that you can achieve things, then use that confidence to overcome your fear of failure.

Jessy Troy blogs on Diets Plans and how diets work!

3 thoughts on “Subliminal Motivational Techniques for Self-Improvement

  • October 4, 2010 at 9:30 am

    Your attitude really is the biggest component of your chance of success. The hint about using a mantra as your password is great! You could also use a motivational image as your computer wallpaper or screen saver.

      • October 4, 2010 at 11:05 pm

        Jessy, very inspiring post! I agree that for many of us, our own fears of failure, can be a huge impediment to achieving success.


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