Sun Exposure: Bad (Cancer) or Good (Vitamin D)

Cancer vs Vitamin D

“10 Minutes of sun exposure between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM generally equals 200 glasses of milk in vitamin D” (Source and inspiration)

It is a very recent phenomena that people spend their time indoors more so that outdoors. This results in a decreased cancer rate and better health, if we can believe popular media that is… As it turns out, the results of not being in the sun are often WORSE that the cancer we may get from UVA exposure. Since the industrial revolution we turned from a generally outdoors agricultural people to an indoors manufacturing people with the consequences that bears…

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a steroid hormone and vitamin produced by the skin. Not only is it good for bone and teeth strength but is plays a large role in the body’s immune system. The benefits of vitamin D are too many to list and new ones are discovered every day. As the quote at the beginning of the article signifies, dietary vitamin D is insignificant compared to it’s natural source.

Vitamin D stops cancer

Not true for all cancers, but the small ones that result from sun exposure are usually countered by vitamin D. In this line of reasoning sun exposure is really not that bad. In fact it does more good than harm. Unfortunately the fear inducing media (fear sells well, so it is published often) have continuously told people to heed the sun and avoid it, creating a new series of complications in our modern society.

Vitamin D dosage?

Toxicity doesn’t set in under 30,000 UI a day. Most researchers who work in the fields concerned with vitamin D use an average of 5,500 UI a day. Personally I alternate between 10,000 and 2,000 depending on the time of year…

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