Why Should You Supplement Your Diet With Whey Protein?

A lot of people wonder why they should supplement their diet with whey protein. After all, can’t they just eat another serving of chicken or fish? Well, they could, but who would want to do that? Here are three of the main reasons you should supplement your diet with some of the best whey protein powder on the market!

Whey protein in a blender - chocolate flavor

It’s Convenient

The number one reason why so many people choose to supplement their diet with the best whey powders around is because it’s convenient. Have you ever seen someone in the gym cooking up some chicken breasts on their George Foreman grill? How about someone hard boiling some eggs? Not very likely – it’s just not an option. But, if you carry around a small container of the best whey protein powder with you when you go to the gym, you can have 30 or 60 grams of protein within 10 minutes of the end of your workout with no mess to clean up. It takes no time and is incredibly convenient!

It’s Easy To Fit Into Your Macros

Next, the best whey protein powders on the market are very easy to fit into your macros. When you are looking for sources of protein to add to your diet that don’t contain a lot of fat, you have minimal choices – usually chicken, turkey or fish. But, these are expensive, take a lot of time to prepare, and don’t really taste that good when you are eating them all the time. But, when you supplement your diet with whey protein, you are adding almost pure protein with no tag along fat or carbs, and it actually tastes good. Likewise, you will also have more room in your macros to fit in other foods you like because of the low-calorie to protein ration of the best whey protein powders.

It Tastes Good!

Finally, you should supplement your diet with one of the best whey protein powders available because it tastes good! Let’s be honest for a minute – eating chicken, rice, egg whites and beef all the time can get pretty boring, even for the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts. This is even aggravated when you are on a cut – lowered calories, lowered carbs and minimal food choices does not a happy fitness enthusiast make.

Sometimes, you just need something a little sweet to hold you over to your next cheat meal. The best whey protein powders are great for this – they taste like real chocolate peanut butter, strawberry milkshakes, or whatever flavor you are after with minimal calories. If you are going to be supplementing your diet with whey protein for any reason, it should be just because it tastes good!

You should be supplementing your diet with the best whey protein powders on the market because its convenient, it’s easy to fit into your macros, and it just tastes really good! Once you start using whey protein as a staple of your diet, you will never want to go back to eating only whole protein sources again!


Rusty Jackson is both an athlete and sports nutrition researcher. His specialty is supplements for bodybuilders.

2 thoughts on “Why Should You Supplement Your Diet With Whey Protein?

  • October 14, 2011 at 10:23 am

    great tips. thx

  • July 21, 2011 at 8:15 am

    These are great reasons. Taking your last point about the taste…

    I remember when I first started supplementing my diet with protein powders, going back some ten years. These tasted awful and wouldn’t mix very well. You were basically eating clumps of powder that wouldn’t mix in. However, things have moved on a quite a bit in a relatively short period of time!

    Now they mix really well without all the clumps, and also taste great. Personally, I mix a plain vanilla flavor powder with half a banana and mix with skimmed milk to make a really great tasting banana shake. Fantastic!

    Also, these are easily mass produced nowadays, so the price has come right down. Gram for gram in terms of protein, they are cheaper than buying/eating more chicken or fish etc.

    So yeah, go for it!


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