Swapping to a Healthy New You

You always hear people talking about health especially during these days and times. You also always hear people speak about trying to get the better and healthier alternative.

And so, with perseverance and strong hopes, you try out the healthier options and possibly, one of the first things that come to your mind is dieting. However, for most people, dieting is one of the most difficult and confusing tasks. So, what to do?

Here are food swaps to avoid the confusion and ultimately, achieve the body that you’ve always wanted.

Skim Versus Full-fat

Don’t you just love milk? If you are one of those milk lovers who are not suffering from any form of intolerance, you should be mindful of the great and significant difference between skimmed milk and full-fat milk. You will reason out that the latter may be tastier than the former but the thing is, you get loads of Calcium, Vitamin D and other nutrients that your body needs without compromising your fat intake.

Water Versus Soft Drinks

When you are hydrated, you feel more energized and rejuvenated. Apart from that, there is a less tendency for you to overeat. You want to hydrate yourself with the right and appropriate drinks and what would be a better choice than water?

When you gulp your (Put name of soda here.), you only gulp empty calories for the most part. You also put yourself at risk of suffering from cavities and other dental problems so instead, go for water, fruit juice, coconut water and other healthier options.

You may also think about going for diet sodas. Think again. Products branded with the term “diet” are associated to cancer so beware.

The bottom line is, swap your soda and your alcoholic beverage and even your coffee and tea (sometimes) for water. Again, if water is not much of your thing, there are other alternatives. For the fruit juice, you’ll surely delight in having a boosted immune system as natural fruit juices are usually loaded with lots of anti-oxidants.

Vegetables Versus Crisps

Most crisps that we love are, let’s accept it, contain plenty of fats and so instead of eating your way to good health, you are slowly and gradually poisoning your body. Go for vegetables that are more flavorful, colorful and nutritious instead of those crisps. It is guaranteed, you will lose weight.

Whole grain products Versus White Products

The food swap won’t be complete without taking into consideration the simple fact that a lot of us disregarded whole grain products in the past but now, a lot of us are actually becoming more conscious and aware of the wonderful benefits we can get from consuming whole wheat goodies. For one, these babies have lots of fiber in them that help in our digestion. Simply, with fiber, which is nature’s sweeper, we are able to eliminate toxins better and we don’t end up constipated.

In addition, you don’t want to think of yourself eating bleached products, right? You also want to make sure that you feel more satiated and you taste fuller and that your hunger pangs are curbed.

Fruits Versus Candies

Swap your candies to fruits. Instead of wishing for that strawberry or raspberry flavor burst in your mouth and end up sucking on a candy, why not go to the grocery store or market and buy yourself the real stuffs? You can store fruits in your refrigerator.

Go for fruits that are loaded with natural sugar instead of candies with artificial flavoring and super refined sugar. Please do not give in to your sweet tooth with the wrong products, you always have the choice to be healthier and to ultimately, lose weight.

Jee Ivan

Sherley Ivan is a mother of two boy who just loved gardening and crafting. Follow her on her blog at www.ways2diet.com and www.creativecraftcollection.com to get the latest health tips advice and her awesome Diy craft collections.

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  • September 20, 2012 at 9:42 am

    I wish vegetable crisps were good for you – the combine the best of both worlds!


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