Sweet Drinks Kill Taste Buds?

Do Sugary Beverages Kill Taste Buds?

Sugary Drinks Kill Taste and Thirst Quenching Effect

Research by universities of Bristol and Bangor has shown that after drinking two sweet drinks a day for four weeks the taste buds are dulled to such an extent that you have a higher craving for sugary substances. This effect is quite similar to that of an alcoholic. Since the buds get dulled you want sweeter and sweeter drinks to make up for the lost taste sensitivity. So not only does sugar desrtoy your body, in addition you also lose the thirst quenching effect of your drink!

Sweetness as an Addiction

Since the sugary drinks dull not only the sweetness but also the thirst quenching effect of the drink, not only will you want sweeter drinks but you will also want more of them! This effect is quite similar to that of any addiction be it alcohol or hardcore drugs like cocaine. In such an addiction the addict needs more and more drugs to satisfy his urge due to the fact that the body tries to adapt to the drug. So yes, sugar is often an addiction…

Mind the Children

Think about all those little kids and their coca cola’s, fanta’s and other disgustingly sweet drinks. By exposing them at such a young age their body quickly and powerfully adapts to the sweetness and sets them up for obesity and diabetes. When a kid is thirsty, the only reason they would refuse to drink water is if the parent has wrongly trained them to drink sweet drinks (which they may even have done out of kindness).

What to Drink Instead?

It’s quite simply really, water. Just plain water. It contains all the minerals your body needs in a drink and has no sweetness that will dull your taste buds or make you fat. It can be a minor challenge to go without sweet drinks in the beginning but the health benefits will become apparent to you very quickly.

Your body is your most important asset in life, take care of it!


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