Take Your New Year’s Resolution to a New Level: Create a Healthy Office Environment

Let’s be honest….If you work eight hours a day, then you probably spend most of your waking hours being cooped up in an office. Not only do all the latest flu bugs circulate through the stale office air, but also, sitting behind a desk all day is not exactly the healthiest thing you can do for your body.

Regardless, whether we love or hate our jobs, many of us have to spend a good portion of our lives within the confines of four office walls in order to make ends meet. The good news is that you can take positive steps to improve both your life and your environment by making just a few changes to your current office setting and daily habits. Keep your New Year’s resolutions alive at work with these handy tips.

Healthy food dish on a plate with vegetables

Pack Your Lunch.

The old-fashioned brown-bag lunch is really not such a bad idea. Packing your lunch will help to accomplish two common resolutions;

  1. it will keep the food budget down and
  2. encourage healthier food choices (1).

Eating out simply costs more than bringing food from home. And unless you have some healthy restaurant options close by, eating out also means the inclusion of some unhealthy fats, too many starches, and, more than likely, a sugary drink. Some great lunch options include sandwiches made on whole-grain breads; salads with beans, meat, or cheese for plenty of protein; or leftovers from a healthy dinner. Some people make up batches of a healthy soup, chili, or casserole, package in individual portions, and freeze. Simply grab a selection from the freezer, add some veggies, and your lunch is ready to go!

Sit or Stand Well.

Sitting in one position at a desk for hours on end is simply not healthy for your body. Mounting research reveals that an all-day job behind a desk dramatically increases one’s chance of heart-attack, obesity, and other serious health issues (3).

Many people are turning to a multi-leveled workspace which allows them to alternate between standing and sitting. Not only does this put you on your feet for part of the day, but also, it provides a natural opportunity to include a little extra movement into your routine as you go from the sitting to the standing level. Marching or jogging in place, stretching, or simply touching your toes helps to circulate the blood and stretch the muscles.

Companies such as Belair (4) are actually creating multi-level office equipment so that office workers can develop healthier work habits.

Although these are just a few ideas to help you get started, they show that with just a little effort, most of us can make some simple adjustments to help us keep up with those New Year’s resolutions. Here’s to a healthier, happier year of working!


David Ching

David Ching works for EQA Office Furniture, an office furniture retailer in California providing office cubicles, desk chairs, conference tables and receptionist desks to businesses nationwide.

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