New Technology and Advancement in Dental Implantation

If you are considering dental implant surgery or you have been doing some research about some of the latest advancements in dental implantation you will find a lot of new and exciting news.

One of the most commonly used materials in the making of Dental implants is titanium oxide. This has proven to decrease the number of infections that patients have reported after having the implant placed in; which is great news for the patient. The antibiotic properties that titanium oxide carries are the main reason why it is widely used amongst dental surgeons when it comes to dental implants.

Another area of improvement for dental implant surgery is the implantation of use of 3D technology.  Now surgeons can use 3D CT scan technology to capture images of your mouth to see if a dental implant can be performed in just one surgery. Typically transplantation surgery would have to be done in stages which would leave a patient waiting up to six months after the first implant was set in place to be able to place a crown there. With this new procedure a dental surgeon can establish location and perform the necessary procedure to place a permanent implant to the bone immediately. The benefits prove to be less painful and are a great way to replace missing teeth.

This is definitely an exciting new technique that is being used by dental surgeons around the world giving patients a shorter recovery time and the beautiful smile that they may have otherwise lost. It also allows patients the freedom of not having to go back in half a year to complete the procedure saving both time and money if you are traveling great distance.

If you are considering dental implants as an option for you there may be a couple of key terms that you have been reading about. Two of those of great concern for most might be bone grafting and soft tissue grafting. Getting a better understanding of these terms may help you fully appreciate what a dental implant can do to help improve the overall health of your gums and teeth.

When it comes to bone grafting the definition would be an enhancing surgical technique to fill in for bone that is surrounding the root of a tooth when the bone that is originally there has been lost due to disease and/or decay. This will act as a foundation and help patients possibly re-grow their own bone which will help hold the tooth in place. This procedure is usually done in conjunction with tissue regeneration surgery to help with exposed bone or roots.

As for soft tissue grafting if you have loss of gum tissue due to periodontal gum disease this can be treated by soft tissue grafting. Soft tissue grafting consists of grafting small patches of tissue from the pallet which can help to improve the appearance of the teeth and help prevent further damage and recession of the gums. Both of these procedures can be done along with dental implants to make the overall health and appearance of your teeth look better. These are just some of the latest advancements and technology in the dental implantation field. You should contact a local dental implant surgeon to go over which options work best for your needs.

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