What to Do When Your Teen Has Psoriasis?

The teenage years are hard enough, thanks to the awkward growth spurts, braces, and acne. To add to it, teenagers can be quite mean to each other, which only makes the teen years tougher. Most teenagers are made fun of for something or the other during their high school years, be it their clothes, their social skills, their acne, or something else.

When teens have a condition like psoriasis, they are most likely going to be very upset, embarrassed, or even depressed over their condition. Imagine going to school with skin outbreaks that are sure to invite some mean comments and jokes. If you are a parent of a teen with psoriasis, then you need to know how to approach the condition for the good of your child.


Remind Them That Anyone Can Get it

Your teen and other teens will immediately assume that there is something wrong with them or that they are dirty in some way when they have psoriasis. You need to educate your child thoroughly about the problem and let them know that there is nothing wrong with them. They simply have a skin condition.

It may even help your child to point out that famous Hollywood stars and public figures, like Kim Kardashian, have psoriasis. It is hard to imagine that someone as lovely as Kim could also have experienced a condition like psoriasis. Often, when your child realizes that they are not alone in their condition and they share it with many famous people, they will feel less isolated and depressed.

Make Sure They Know the Triggers

Teenagers will want to avoid psoriasis outbreaks as much as possible. While your child may understand their condition, other kids around them may not. They could still be subject to teasing. While you cannot guarantee that your child will never have a psoriasis outbreak, you can help them learn how to avoid triggers that could lead to outbreaks. Teach your child the following triggers.

  • Stress – Teens often feel a great deal of stress to achieve in school through academics or sports. Stress can lower the immune system and can be a trigger for psoriasis outbreaks. Help your child avoid stress by limiting the number of activities they are involved in to a couple and help them with their homework if they are struggling with academics.
  • Obesity – Obesity is more common in children and teens than ever. It can be a direct trigger for reverse psoriasis that is actually caused by the problem. There are many reasons (other than psoriasis) to shed those extra kilos. However, this is a trigger, so make sure your kid is eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.
  • Exposure to Cold Weather – Psoriasis outbreaks can be triggered by spending time in extremely cold weather. If the temperatures drop to the extremes, make sure your teen is wearing proper clothing to protect the skin. If the weather is too extreme, it is best to stay inside to avoid an outbreak of psoriasis.

Get the Right Treatments

There will be times when your teen will have an outbreak, no matter how much they avoid triggers. You will need to ensure that the outbreak is treated quickly and properly. Psoriasis breakouts can last from a few weeks to a few months. If they are treated properly, they will last a shorter amount of time, and that can be better for your child.

Teenagers have enough to deal with from their peers without adding to the problem. If your teen has psoriasis, this can be especially hard on them, but you can do your part to help them avoid depression or anger over their medical condition.

Aishwarya Vohra

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