Telltale Signs That A Person Is Using Botox!

Cosmetic procedures such as breast implants, hair transplants, face-lifting, Botox injections or liposuction are very popular and common nowadays. The numerous personal cosmetic enhancements available make it easy for anyone to modify their appearance and look younger and more attractive. Perhaps the most notorious and simple procedure with the potential to take at least 10 years off a person’s appearance comprise of Botox injections. A further appeal of the Botox injections comes from the fact that it is much safer and non-invasive than going under the knife.

Common signs of Botox Use

Even though they are fond of Botox injections and very satisfied with the results, few women or men for that matter will admit undergoing the procedure. Nonetheless, no beauty enhancement can go by unnoticed by a skilled and discerning eye. The most common method of telling if a person had Botox injections recently comprises of checking for small bruises or small red marks around the eyes and the lips areas (the top common places for Botox treatments).

Another obvious tell that someone’s used botox is if they rarely raise their eyebrows.  When they do, you’ll notice that their eyebrow raises on the lateral or side edges, but not in the middle.  Better yet, if you suspect that someone’s recently tried Botox, just ask them to raise their eyebrows.

In general, after the Botox is injected into the skin it will leave a small mark for a few days after the treatment. As a side note, if you want to make sure nobody can notice the Botox treatment traces, then an idea is to wear glasses (for the eye treatment) or a vivid and strong colored lipstick (for the lips treatment).

While the little marks are usually hard to spot, especially in dark places, one thing you cannot miss about a person using Botox is an overall change in his or her facial appearance. Let’s take for instance a woman who had a lip enhancement treatment with Botox. Because the substance will make her lips look pouty and fuller in just a couple of days, it is practically impossible not to notice. Take note that there are also lipsticks and other cosmetic products that can make the lips look full. The distinction between the aforementioned cosmetic products and Botox is that the lips will look unusually fuller in a rather short period.

How to Look Younger with Botox

Another common use of Botox is to eliminate, and in some cases, reduce the wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes area. Overall, a rather strangely smoothened skin around the eyes of a person who passed a certain age is usually a sign that he or she is using Botox. In case you did not notice, most people form lines especially in the proximity of the eyes when they are laughing or making a certain facial expression. A person whose facial expression does not change regardless of the emotion is most likely using Botox, since the substance paralyzes the muscles and limits mobility.

People who undergo Botox treatment will usually have a noticeable change in their attitude. In a nutshell, because they look more attractive, younger and healthier do not be surprise if that person will become more outgoing and confident all of a sudden. It is necessary to point out that the treatment starts losing its efficiency relatively fast (3 to 8 months, depending on the skin or the substance’s composition). If during this time you start spotting marks of aging or the initial effects disappear gradually, then it is obvious that person is using Botox.

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