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compounding pharmacyCompounding medication has improved how the pharmacy works and has helped those who take medications every day. It is something that many people do not understand and find it hard to comprehend, but by knowing the basics, anyone can have a better understanding of compounding medication.

What Are Compounded Drugs?

Drugs that have been mixed together to suit a particular person’s needs are compounded drugs. They are made by taking different ingredients, whether prescription or over-the-counter drugs, and mixing them into a formula that benefits the patient. This process has been done for hundreds of years by pharmacists or pharmacist technicians. Often times the drugs that are used are not readily available or approved by the FDA, making it easier for the patient to get what they need in an efficient way.

What Are the Benefits of Compounded Medication?

Many people benefit from compounded medication. Babies and children who are in need of medications that come in small doses can benefit especially. Preemies that need extremely small doses benefit from compounded medication for treating gastro esophageal reflux disease. For children that are less willing to take those medicines with odd flavors or that do not like swallowing pills can benefit as well. Some doses are not available at all times and with compounding medication a patient is able to get that much-needed dose. Elderly patients that need their medication in a different from can find relief with compounding as well.

Patients with Allergies

The benefits of compounding medication are numerous. One benefit is that it makes the medicine allergy free if someone is allergic to preservatives, gluten, sugar, certain dyes, or lactose. Commercially manufactured medications can contain ingredients that can cause allergy reactions, but by compounding medications the medication can be personalized to give the patient a form of medicine that will not cause allergies.

Enhanced Flavors

Another benefit is that the medication is easier to take when it is compounded. Sometimes medications can come in an unpleasant flavor that makes it harder to take, a compound pharmacist can add flavors to many medications so that it is easier to take and it won’t lose the effectiveness either. It also allows for medications to come in a different form. For example, a patient who has difficulty swallowing a pill can find it easier to take the medication in a flavored liquid form.

Topical Pain Medication

Pain can be easier to manage with compounding. When a patient is suffering from pain, some prescriptions can cause side effects that do not help the pain management. Compounding medications can solve these issues by combining the ingredients into a different form such as topical gels, creams or sprays.

Those that are looking for a medication that works for them the best can find that discontinued medication is the solution. Some companies will stop making certain products that are in little demand, or when there is a newer medication that comes into the market. A pharmacist can obtain the medication that is needed and it can be compounded for those that desire the discontinued medication.

Compounded Medication for Pets

Pets can benefit the same way that humans can. The medicine taste, dosage issues and availability can be solved with veterinary compounding. No longer do you have to suffer trying to get your pet to swallow a tablet, the medication can be given in a flavored dosage form that the pet can devour quickly and pain-free. Various flavors are available for all sorts of animals. A smaller animal can get the needed dose instead of one that is of high dosage that could harm the pet as well. When there is little demand of a medicine, a physician can get the medicine and compound it for an easy way to get the medication that your pet needs.

A pharmacist can tell when a compounded medication is safe. By using the correct recipes and the stability, they are able to make sure that every compounded medicine is safe and will work. Drug information books are available, and these books include recipes of medications that are commonly compounded so that the pharmacist has a guide for when they are compounding the medication.

State Regulations

Compounding is regulated by every state. Standards are set by the United States Pharmacopeia, and are regulated by the practice of pharmacy compounding as well. Certain pharmacies become accredited through national standards by The Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board if they produce large amounts of compounded medications. Pharmacists need to be qualified to compound medications and they take formalized training to engage in all aspects of compounding.

Patients often times need medications right away and compound medication makes this possible. With all of the benefits that come with compounding medication, it is a quick and efficient way to get medication to all patients. The basics of this form of medication can help a person to understand the difficulties as well as the effectiveness of compounding, which can help a person feel more confident and secure in compounding their medications.

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