The Best Arm Exercise for Men and Women

Search Google for The Best Arm Exercise for Men and Women …and you had better find this article…because the Bodyweight Skullcrusher is the best arm exercise…bar none

  • Unlike the Tricep Pushdown, the BW Skullcrusher lets you change the range of motion shifting focus from one tricep head to the other
  • Unlike the Overhead Tricep Extension, you get to change range of motion AND adjust the amount of weight being lifted just by changing your body position
  • Unlike Close-Grip Bench Presses, you can change range of motion, adjust the weight being lifted AND improve shoulder mobility..making you healthier and stronger at the same time
  • Unlike Dips, you get all of the above benefits + you never have to put your shoulders into an acromion-destroying position of internal rotation

Skullcrusher Collage

Plus, you don’t have to even go to the gym. All you need for Bodyweight Skullcrushers is:

  1. Bodyweight (duh)
  2. A horizontal surface to hold onto

Sounds to good to be true? Check out the following video and see for yourself.

Now that you’ve watched the video and have come to the conclusion that BW Skullcrushers are the best possible arm exercise for men and women…feel free to check out some of my other videos and/or  head over to Health Habits to discover the best core exercise of all time.


I am a Marine Veteran, during my service in the Marine Corps I served as a Fitness Instructor and Martial Arts Instructor for Marine Corps Martial Arts. Upon re-entering civilian life, I decided to take some of the fitness knowledge I learned in the Marine Corps and create my own style of working out with only using body-weight exercises that I knew would produce results that I wanted. I also wanted to spread my knowledge to people, so I created a Facebook page and began posting daily workouts for people that can't afford a gym or for the days they couldn't make it to the gym, and the people who simply do not have the time during the day for a gym. If you like these type of workouts, come to my Facebook page where you can get these daily workouts, or subscribe to my email list, or visit my website or my YouTube Channel. And as I always tell CRO NATION....Get out there and DO the DAMN thing.

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