The Digestive Health Benefits of Green Papaya

Did you know that Papaya, and in particular green papaya are fantastic for your digestive system? Papayas are rich with proteolytic enzyemes – enzymes that skyrocket digestive health. These enzymes include caricain, chymopapain, glycyl endopeptidase and papain. Proteolytic enzymes are especially helpful when eating meals that have excess protein and even more helpful when eating the green papaya on an empty stomach.

In fact, the benefits of eating papaya on an empty stomach reach much farther than just digestive improvement; papaya is a super food that can benefit all facets of general health. In this article we will cover why green papaya is more effective in increasing digestive health than ripe papaya, the digestive health benefits of papain and other proteolytic enzymes, and why it is more effective to eat papaya on an empty stomach.


Why is Green Papaya Better than Ripe Papaya?

Green papaya is not necessarily better than ripened papaya; it just depends on what you are looking for in a super food. Ripe papaya has more antioxidants and vitamins that have a whole other list of benefits attached to them; however, green papaya has much more papain, the magical proteolytic enzyme that we will dive deeper into in the following paragraphs.

What is Papain and how does it Help Your Stomach?

Proteolysis is the breakdown of proteins into smaller polypeptides/amino acids. This means that, by definition, proteolytic enzymes are enzymes that specialize in breaking down proteins. Papain stands out among other enzymes in its ability to break down tough proteins. Its ability to break down proteins is even compared to a naturally produced protein digesting enzyme, pepsin, which is created in our pancreas. Papain is so effective at its job that it is even sold around the world as a meat tenderizer! Can you imagine having a meat tenderizer in your stomach working around the clock to make sure every protein you eat gets digested properly?

Why Eat Papaya on an Empty Stomach?

When taken on an empty stomach very little hydrochloric acid is produced. In the absence of hydrochloric acid, proteolytic enzyemes can flourish and easily make it into the small intestine nearly untouched. From the small intestine, experts believe the blood stream soaks up the proteolytic enzyemes causing an anti-inflammatory effect throughout ones entire body. This is a good thing for many reasons. When the blood stream soaks up the proteolytic enzymes from papaya they work as a sort of police officer patrolling the blood stream for oxidized and damaged proteins. Damaged or oxidized proteins are associated with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), extreme allergic reactions, and weakened immune systems. Papain and other proteolytic enzymes aren’t just blood stream patrollers, they are also known for their ability to break down fibrin protein, a particularly dangerous culprit involved in the forming of deadly blood clots and the coating of dangerous cancer cells. Thus, with the addition of papain and other proteolytic enzymes into the blood stream, you are effectively preventing potentially fatal blood clots and enabling the breakdown of deadly cancer cells.

green papaya

If you are someone who suffers from digestive issues such as constipation , papaya and the digestion aiding enzymes it contains may just be the cure you are looking for.


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    I learn something new every day. It’s a very interesting information on papaya. I have always liked tropical fruits but now there is even more reasons to eat them. Thanks for sharing!


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