The Do’s and Don’ts of Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are popular choices for people who like varied choices in their fitness regime. Protein shakes are known for their nutritional value; however, there is a significant amount of detail that goes into how they work. The ultimate list of do’s and don’ts should be read below to use these shakes effectively:


  • Recognise the organic nature of protein shakes: Powder such as Vital Whey is derived from grass-fed cows. Cows who are given grass to eat are packing their bodies with plenty of nutrients that the human body can absorb in a diet plan.
  • Use blenders: There are plenty of blenders on the consumer market that can mix your protein shakes. New blender products include the blender bottle which actually mixes the protein shake powder depending on what kind of consistency that you are looking for.
  • Have a detailed fitness plan: It’s important to have a fitness scheme that you stick to consistently if you are focused on seeing results from using protein shakes. One top tip you can follow to see your results is have a notebook with you at all times where you can write a daily fitness plan and cross-check your progress daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Use chemical-free powders: Protein shake powder is at its best when it is chemical-free. There has been a rise in the number of protein shakes on the market that are embracing this all natural approach to health and lifestyle. Chemical-free protein shakes are wholesome and they give you the platform to be energetic and focused.
  • Put your intestinal health first: There is a lot that you can gain from having healthy intestines such as a good digestive system and holistic physical health. Natural protein shakes work with your intestines, not against them to create a system inside your body that helps you feel good at all times.
  • Choose shakes with lactoferrin: Protein shakes made from manufacturers with a pedigree can include lactoferrin. At its core, it is a protein that comes from cow’s milk and it is known for protecting against iron deficiencies, which are especially important for women who lose significant amounts of iron during the menstrual cycle.


  • Choose milk-based shakes made from grain-fed cows: Good protein shakes will ensure that the cows are not fed grain. Grain affects the consistency of protein shakes which is why manufacturers opt for a balanced diet for cows that does not include grain.
  • Be afraid of flavor: Innovative choices for flavor include vanilla and cocoa. After all, the shakes have to taste good if you are going to incorporate them into your diet. Vanilla and cocoa are alluring blends that will make using protein shakes a seamless experience.

[box type=”note”]Top tip: Always choose the most cost effective protein shakes when you are deciding what products to buy for your diet and fitness plan. Protein shakes in bulk are a good option for value for money for your healthy lifestyle.[/box]

This guest post is from Charlie Oswald, a healthcare specialist and guest blogger in the topics of social media, business and all things internet. Currently he represents Well Wisdom, a US based provider of organic whey protein that was developed specifically for individuals in need of help to recover from and to prevent relapse of immune compromised diseases.

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