The Importance of a Healthy Work Environment

“Ouch my back.” That may be the sound you hear consistently at the office due to poor ergonomics within the workplace. It’s common to experience pain in your back, legs, wrists and other parts of your body if you sit down and stare at a computer screen continuously for several hours at a time.

Two of the most common issues reported are repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) and computer vision syndrome (CVS). Despite the investments office managers have been making in the latest ergonomic equipment, it’s costing companies anywhere between $20 billion and $100 billion in lost productivity, healthcare costs and other elements.

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“Ways of preventing these problems are to first of all have a training program for employees at work, to expose them to the risks so that they report their musculoskeletal problems early, to identify high risk jobs at work so they can be modified and reengineered to reduce the risk factors,” stated Dr. David Rempel, director at the University of California.

Last month, the National Safety Council recognized the month of June as National Safety Month and the fourth week looked at ergonomics. It put forth suggestions to perform job duties efficiently, comfortably and easily. Some recommendations include keeping a computer screen at an arm’s length from you, adjusting the office chair to make your feet flat on the floor and to wear a headset if you speak on the phone for an extended period of time.

Ergonomic Office Designs is a private company that specializes in such office furniture to help workers “be more productive” and “feel good.” Offering adjustable height desks, ergonomic chairs, keyboard chairs and monitor arms, the firm works with corporations, schools, governments and non-profit organizations to meet the requirements of a healthy workforce.

Founded by Sam Shefrin and Jensen Lee, who were two individuals that understood the problems of sitting at a desk for eight to 10 hours every day, Ergonomic Office Designs specializes in making its customers’ bodies happy by offering everything from kneeling chairs to desks that allow you to stand in a comfortable position.

The founders also post an array of videos to highlight the benefits of owning an ergonomic chair, the various functions of essential ergonomic furniture pieces and how certain high-quality items work. “Ergonomic furniture can go a long way toward making the workday a more comfortable and productive time and also to protect the body from injury, stress and strain,” the company states.

Its business model consists of offering free shipping to anywhere in the United States and Canada, does not include a sales tax, provides up to 10 percent in savings and has a 100 percent price match guarantee. Quantity discounts are provided to businesses, universities, hotels or any other person that has a lot of furniture to order.

In May, it announced that it launched a newly designed website that lists in-depth details regarding its ergonomic office furniture. The redesigned website also features assistance in locating what is needed to meet the needs of the office.

Visitors and potential clients can learn more about the company or the industry by connecting with Ergonomic Office Designs on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube.


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