The Link between Eating Healthily and Living Frugally: How to Achieve a More Sustainable Life Balance

Obesity represents a growing epidemic in the U.S., with recent figures confirming that at least 20% of adults are morbidly overweight in 49 of the nation’s 50 independent states. While the majority of citizens appear to be placing the emphasis on government bodies to intervene and implement anti-obesity legislation, there is also a pressing need for individuals to take responsibility for their own lifestyle and behaviour.

Eating Healthily and Frugally: Why There is No Need to Choose Between the Two

The fact remains that regardless of any federal government intervention, the onus is on individual citizens to regulate their calorie intake and develop a more active lifestyle. Such a philosophy also has an added benefit in the current economic climate, as committing to a health conscious and balanced diet you can also save you significant sums of money. As a result, there is no need to compromise and make the difficult choice between healthy and frugal living. Consider the following steps towards achieving a more sustainable life balance:


  • Be Precise when it Comes to Consuming Calories: Food manufacturers and distributors are doing their level best to encourage healthy eating, by revealing the exact amount of calories, fat and sugar that are included within individual ingredients and meals. As a consequence, it is easier than ever to plan your calorie intake precisely and create healthy menu options for every single day. This also allows you to list the exact amount of ingredients and food that you will need on a weekly or monthly basis, which in turn will reduce the amount that you spend and any potential waste.
  • Buy Fresh and Locally Sourced Ingredients: While it is well-known that heavily packaged foods sourced from overseas have a detrimental impact on the environment, these products also carry an inflated retail value. While manufacturers absorb the initial costs of shipment and packaging, they factor these into the recommended retail price that they decide upon. As a result, buying  fresh, local and barely packaged produce can help you save significant amounts of money, while also offering far greater nutrition and contributing towards a more sustainable environmental condition.
  • Eat in Moderation: Rather than enter into fad diets that do not lead to sustainable weight loss, it is far better to eat in moderation and in relation to your individual level of activity. By eliminating unnecessary snacks out of habit and making a commitment to eat at carefully scheduled junctures, you can fuel your body with the requisite amount of calories without triggering significant weight gain. Subsequently, you will find that you spend far less on treats and overpriced snack products, allowing you to save a considerable amount of capital over time.

The Last Word

Your level of attainment in life is related directly to your philosophy and individual outlook. Saving money provides a relevant case in point, as while some consider it to be as simple as identifying the best bank to bank with and opening an account, those with foresight recognize that money can also be saved by changing their lifestyle and approach to everyday practices.

The same concept applies to healthy eating, as it demands far more than simply eliminating random calories from your diet. Instead, it is far better to adopt a strategic approach to losing weight and enjoying a healthier diet, as this will have far-reaching consequences that have the potential to improve every single area of your life.

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